Basement mezzanine floor

Basement Mezz

The basement mezzanine is essentially ancillary to the basements events floor. The functional layout of this plan relied, therefore, on the set up of the floor beneath. In accordance, it is also divided in four sections:

  • Back of house
  • Basement mezzanine
  • Circulation
  • Plant

In this case three of these functions serve the events space directly, mezzanine, back of house and circulation: the fourth, the plant, is contiguous with the basement plant area and serves the entire building.

Events mezzanine:
Located above the bar and overlooking the stage, the layout of this area focuses on the activities taking place in the basement events space below. Functionally, it serves as a relaxing and eating area, the mezzanine is directly served by the kitchen through an acoustically sealed hatch. It is furnished with benches and tables, and connected directly to the venue by a singular flight of steps. A skylight above allows the space to be used during the day. The provision of this area breaks up the volume of the main space, creates an additional programmable area and allows the large space to be used flexibly given the size and type of the event taking place.

The DJ Booth is positioned on the mezzanine, but in the same acoustic zone as the events space. It is accessed from the mezzanine level, through a sound-lobby, maintaining the acoustic integrity of the box-in-box and allowing the DJ a good vantage point over the crowd below.

The spiral stair accessing the main events serves this level, allowing access to the mezzanine and the events mezzanine. The landing space is contained within a square lobby, acoustically separate from the venue, which can be used as a gallery, display and breakout area.

Back of house:
Intrinsically connected to the back of house stacked beneath it, this level is accommodated by the kitchens. Decant, storage, preparation and cooking areas are provided. These stacked facilities are linked via a private stair, which also acts as an escape route in case of fire.

The remainder of the plan it position in this area.