Ground floor


Banded into three distinct zones:

  1. Reception
  2. Pub
  3. Service yard.

The building's ground floor geometry sets up the rules by which each of the other floor plates are interpreted and experienced.

The functional layout of this area relates directly to its ground floor position and its role as a welcoming, directing and controlling point for the entire building. The overall geometry of the ground floor plan, with its indented and canopied Sheffield Street façade clearly indicates the main entrance. A hewn stone paving extends from the street edge, under the canopy and leads you into the brick floored reception. The reception position is directly visible from the entrance and controls access to the main circulation stairs. The receptionist welcomes you in, and directs you along. The location of the reception desk permits a clear reading of the options available. The lift and main stairs are clearly apparent, the apse of the spiral stairs directs you to the pub and venue entrance. The reception desk is laid out to be universally accessible and provided with an induction loop.

The pub is strategically located in the zone between the service lane and the reception, overlooking the large venue through a soundproofed glazed wall. The pub is therefore accessible in two directions, from the main entrance canopy and from the lane off Portsmouth Street. The lane entrance enables the pub to be accessed directly and separately from the venue and the main entrance, under cover of the cantilevered corner which provides a smokers sitting-out place and a pavement café atmosphere.

The functional layout of the pub positions the bar counter and servery area at the rear of the space, allowing access to the communal dumb waiter, service lift and back of house stair. Bench seating is organised in groups and aligned to sit between the columns, adding a functional seating zone around which informal gathering can occur.

Service yard:
The functional layout of the service yard permits the bins to be neatly and discretely stored behind an operable fence. This gate provides access to the EDF substation, intake switch room and ventilation stacks from the venue and kitchens. Kitchen deliveries will be dropped off at the rear entrance door, a decant area and lift immediately accessible for easy distribution.