Fourth floor


This floor features:

  • Gym
  • Circulation
  • Changing area

Departing from the banded strategy set up on the lower floors, this plan allocates the entire east façade to one function – the gym – cross ventilation provided by the cranked geometry, connection to the western and northern façade implicit in the plan arrangement.

The function of this programme proposes a change in the structural strategy. A free floor area is thought most suitable, allowing the space to be occupied and functions determined by the exercise equipment, the position of which will inevitably be changed, developed and re-arranged as technology develops and exercise routines alter.

A change is therefore required to the sectional structural strategy, the grid of columns employed to this point proving too restrictive. The large uninterrupted spans required imply a ribbed slab and perimeter trussing. This gives the floor a distinct identity and permits the layout to have the flexibility described above. The other function of the space, to provide a light filled and cross ventilated volume, is addressed by its strategic position occupying the entire Sheffield Street façade. The gym is equipped with a new home open, bright, fresh and lively.

On this floor the stairs return in a dog leg, maximising the programmable space of the floor. In this case the two other functions of this floor (gym and changing) are inter-dependant,  one of requiring restricted access from the other. The circulation, in this case performs a key role, allowing controlled access to the gym and direct access to the changing facilities, the use of which is available to all patrons of the building.

Changing area:
As above, this area performs a single function available to two distinct user types: the first a member of the gym, the second not. As such controlled access is available from the changing rooms to the gym, while universal access is provided via the circulation area. Showers, lockers and changing facilities are here provided: the functional position of same, stacked as they are above the other sanitary facilities, is logical with the overall composition of the building.