First floor


This floor is functionally divided into three key sections:

  • Café
  • Circulation
  • Activity centre

These three key divisions allow each function a particular aspect and orientation and have a logic within the overall building composition. the particular character of this floor is determined by a high 4.125m floor to ceiling height, populated by a forest of slender columns, large glazed areas and an open floor plan free of structural partitions.

Located on the lofty and bright first floor, the café will be the social heart of the building, overlooking the entrance and with views out in three directions. In functional terms, it advertises itself, perched above Portsmouth Street and catching the attention of the passerby approaching from Sardinia Street.

Its position in this location of the building, stacked above the pub and events space, is functional also in terms of servicing. The common north west corner links the bar stores and the kitchen to the pub and café, allowing the staff to easily circulate between the stories.

Adjacent to and directly accessible from, the main circulation stairs, the café occupies a key position within the arrangement of the various floors. Strategically located, visitors to the upper floors pass the café, stopping for refreshments along the way.

The main circulation stairs spirals around the lift shaft and arrive at this floor in the centre of the plan. The terrazzo stair landing defines the circulation space within the timber floor, shared between the café and the activity centre, which continues uninterrupted to the north and east façades. café tables can easily spill over the functional divide, demonstrating the loose fit of this floor plan.

Activity centre:
Sharing the first floor with the learning café, the activity centre occupies a useful position within functional composition of the building. The space allocated to student projects, incorporating a private meeting room, can overspill into the café space. Informal meetings and large scale gatherings can easily occur across the floor plan, the area required being claimed as necessary.