Fifth floor


This floor includes:

  • Careers Services
  • Circulation
  • Careers Centre

Reverting to the triplicate functional divide of the lower floor plans, the fifth floor is home to the careers division. It uses the plan geometry in a new way to provide functional divisions between the Careers Service and Careers Centre elements of the brief. In this case the lift shaft wall acts as the pivotal geometry, the careers centre contained by it and the entrance canopy indentation, the careers services in the trapezoidal wedge to the north east, and the service and circulation core in its north western location coherent with the floors below.

Careers' office:
The rights of light requirements provide the fifth floor with a strategic opportunity. A step back is required to the northern façade, allows a green roof to be planted and appreciated from the overlooking offices. The Careers office, with its desk and consultation-based function, is well served on this floor. Views to the east and a light from the north are enhanced by the planted roof, of which this function can take full advantage.

A significant change to the circulatory sequence occurs on this floor. The main circulation stairs stops at this level, vertical access to the upper floors continuing via a spiral stair. This change adds a specificity to this floor and marks it as a special moment within the scheme.

Access to both the Careers Centre and Services is via glazed doors to maintain the visual continuity which predominates all plans on all levels.

Careers Centre:
Linked to but separated from the Careers Services on the same floor, this area requires consultation rooms, computer access, leaflet and book display and reception facilities. Direct light and ventilation are provided on the east to a series of consultation rooms, and on the west to the computer stations, glare cut by the perforate brick screen outside. Light and air floods in over the canopy to light and ventilate the other function provisions behind. Three consultation rooms with glazed screens overlook the main circulation stair, providing a light and functional space for interviews.