Isometric view of the site

Approaches: Approaches to the building will be step-free. External access, including the public space at the main entrance and the pub terrace will be level.

Entrances:  There are three main ways to access the ground floor: 

  1. the main entrance, signalled by the indented facade with it's canopy above
  2. the sheltered forecourt, which leads directly into the ticket booth and the staircase which spirals down to the main events space
  3. the pub entrance, also provided with a sheltered external space by the brick overhand on the second floor.

Reception: There will be a staffed reception desk on the ground floor in the main reception area. Another reception desk will be located at the venue entrance. The design of the reception desks and areas will be compliant with Part M.

Internal doors: Internal doorway, including doors opening to services (back of house) will comply with Part M. When forming part of a means of escape route, width of passageways and door openings will meet Part B of the Building Regulations.

Security: Access to various parts of the building will be designated using a zoned approach. The School's current fob and swipe access control will be employed to control entry arrangements. The strategy will be developed in order to maintain open, generous and informal spaces, while security those areas which require it at certain times, or in certain situations.

Noise disturbance: The aim is to ensure that buildings are carefully designed in such a way as to reduce noise and vibration disturbance. Residential properties are considered particularly sensitive to noise, especially at night and in the evening. Given that we have a shared boundary with the Peacock Theatre, and that the brief incorporates multiple functions with the potential to produce significant noise disturbances at sensitive times of the day, special consideration has been given to the design in relation to the containment of noise produced within the building.