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Public Protection and Security

A 2.4m high plywood hoarding will be erected to separate the construction site from the rest of the LSE campus and surrounding buildings on Sheffield Street and Portsmouth Street, (see Traffic Control for site plan).  The hoarding will be positioned along the pavement line adjacent to the Island Site and Parish Hall. 

The hoarding will be regularly maintained and well lit at all times to ensure the safety of those accessing 9-10 Sheffield Street and using the pavement. There will be a dedicated pedestrian entrance onto and off the New Students' Centre site. A security pass entry system will be in operation for the duration of the project.   Traffic in and out of the site will be from Portsmouth Street and controlled by a gate-man who will manage the traffic movements.

The site set-up is designed to separate the site and staff from the LSE community and surrounding neighbours. The site will be self-contained with full welfare facilities including a canteen and designated smokers area.

Site staff inductions will include public awareness training and the site will be managed/supervised by the contractor.