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Noise control

The demolition of two buildings is obviously going to make some noise. The hours of working permitted by Westminster City Council are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am – 1pm on Saturdays. This means that noisy works can not be carried out when everyone has left and gone home for the day. 

A number of measures will be put in place and enforced throughout the project to control the noise levels generated by the New Students' Centre project.

The LSE have stipulated that Geoffrey Osborne must work with a two hours on two hours off policy for noisy works. They must therefore undertake the very noisy elements of the demolition works such as heavy breaking and trench piling between 8am - 10am, 12noon - 2pm and 4pm - 6pm, (also see Hours of Working).

Osborne will undertake daily manual noise level monitoring which will be entered in the site records. This information will also be published on the New Students' Centre website. The two St Philips buildings will be fully scaffolded and then fully wrapped in monoflex sheeting, (refer to Demolition & Ground Works slideshow), prior to demolition. The demolition will be undertaken inside the wrapped scaffolding which will help to act as a noise buffer during this process.

Other control measures that are simple but effective in noise control, and which will be managed by Osborne to reduce noise, are the use of efficient plant & equipment. Well maintained plant and equipment operates with less stress and generates less noise. Equally plant and equipment will be selected based on lower noise output. Turning plant off when not in use helps to reduce the noise generated from unnecessary active equipment. Deliveries will be managed and Sheffield Street will be closed which, combined with the site hoarding will act as a buffer to the buildings facing the site. Site waste will be put directly into skips which will be craned off the site rather than using waste chutes. This will eliminate the noise created by debris falling down a chute. Where necessary mobile cranes will be used. No Radios will be permitted on the site. Construction methods such as rotary piling and pumping concrete have been taken into consideration when designing the building to minimise the noisy works.

The site will also be self-contained with on-site facilities for all staff such as canteen, toilets, showers, changing, and designated smoking area, which will limit the need for staff to leave the site during the working day.

Noise control