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Dust Control

There are a number of measures that will be implemented on the New Students' Centre project to minimise and control dust both within and around the site.

The two St Philips buildings will be fully scaffolded and then fully wrapped in monoflex sheeting, (refer to Demolition & Ground Works slide show), prior to demolition. The demolition will be undertaken inside the wrapped scaffolding which will help to act as a noise buffer during this process but will also contain the dust within the site.

To reduce the levels of dust the site will be constantly dampened down. The road will be swept and water sprayed to prevent transfer of dust and debris from the site onto the surrounding roads. Site waste will be put directly into skips that will be craned off the site rather than using waste chutes. This will eliminate the possibility of dust clouds created by debris falling down a chute. 

Air quality measurements will be made by Osborne and entered in the site records. Machines and plant will be selected to minimise the dust output.

There is a British Standard for demolition, BS 6187:2000, which will be closely adhered to during the process.