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Learning support and career development skills

This page is no longer maintained and may be out of date. 

Please visit the following links for more information about Learning Support and Career Development:
Teaching and Learning Centre
Language Centre
LSE Careers
Disability and Wellbeing Service
IT Services
Language Centre
Learning Technology and Innovation
Student Counselling Service

LSE provides an excellent range of opportunities to students to develop their skills for academic study, languages and their future careers, as well as help improve their proficiency in areas such as research, learning technology and information-search.

  • For undergraduates and MSc students, there is a wide range of study-skills events organised by the Teaching and Learning Centre throughout the academic year. Details can be found on the Learning World website in Moodle (also on LSE Training).
  • For research students there is a comprehensive Academic and Professional Development Programme for PhD Students, as well as opportunities for teacher accreditation via the LSE Teaching Record and the PGCertHE (Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education) programme.
  • For those whose first language is not English there are free classes to improve writing, speaking and academic abilities on offer from the Language Centre. There are also opportunities to get qualifications in other languages by enrolling on certificate courses or degree options. 
  • LSE Careers offers seminars, workshops and individual support for career planning and job seeking.
  • There is also a full range of training courses available to staff and students run by the Library, the Centre for Learning Technology and IT Services.
  • Details of all training events across the School can be found at LSE Training
  • Finally, living and studying in London can sometimes be overwhelming; even the most confident of students sometimes need extra support. The Student Counselling Service is a free, confidential service available to all students. 
  • LSE also gives full support to students with physical and/or medical conditions through the Disability and Well-being Service .