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Academic support services

Study advice and mentoring

LSE Off Campus Support Scheme
A scheme providing peer support for students who are not living in LSE-owned halls of residence, run by the Student Services Centre

Student advisers
A list of Deans and advisers available for various student groups

Teaching and Learning Centre
Learning support services

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Student advisers

See also Student Union Advice and Counselling Centre, Supervision and assessment of progress and Help for students with disabilities.

Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr Sunil Kumar
+44 (0) 20 7955 7574

The Dean has a wide range of duties relating to the School's graduate community. He is available to any graduate student who wishes to discuss academic or personal issues that the student’s academic adviser, MSc Programme Director(s) or Head of Department has not been able to resolve . The Dean works closely with members of academic staff, including Supervisors, Programme Directors, Heads of Department, and with other support services across the School, such as the Disability and Wellbeing Service and the Teaching and Learning Centre, to help maximise graduates' learning potential and enhance the student experience.

The Dean will see students by appointment (normally Wednesday and Thursday). Appointments can be made through his Executive Assistant, Giovanni Graglia.


Dean of Undergraduate Studies

+44 (0) 20 7955 7849

The role of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies is currently under review by the School. In the interim period, students are encouraged to contact the Advice and Reception Team in the Student Services Centre for guidance. The Advisers to Male and Female Students (further down the page) can also offer support.

Dean of the General Course

Mark Hoffman
OLD 1.09
+44 (0) 20 7955 5197

The Associate Dean has responsibility for all matters relating to those students attending LSE for one year via the General Course programme. He is available to see any General Course student who wishes to raise any problem, academic or otherwise, including course selection, credit transfers to home universities, and accommodation issues.

In particular, he is available to counsel individual students who may be encountering difficulty adjusting to the academic life at LSE. He is also able to provide advice to the General Course students wishing to transfer and complete their degree at LSE. The Associate Dean will see students by appointment or during his open office hours as published outside his office.

Adviser to Female Students

Dr Bingchun Meng
+44 (0) 20 7107 5020

The Adviser is available to discuss issues of concern to women students in the School and to offer advice and support to female students with personal problems.

Adviser to Male Students

Dr Jonathan Hopkin
+44 (0) 20 7955 6535

The Adviser is available to discuss issues of concern to male students and provides a confidential point of contact.

Disability and Well-being Service

The Disability and Well-being Service provides a first point of contact for students and can give advice and information about disability issues. The Neurodiversity Services Manager provides advice, advocacy and support for students with dyslexia, according to individual needs.

The Disability and Diversity Consultative Forum meets once a term and provides an opportunity to discuss disability issues at LSE. It is chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies and attended by staff from around the School. All students with a disability, special needs or dyslexia are welcome to attend. Contact the Adviser if you are interested in attending or would like to suggest agenda items.

See also Learning, support and career development skills website.