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Repeat Teaching

What is Repeat Teaching?

If you fail to progress or complete your degree, but have exam attempts remaining, you may wish to take the teaching for a second or third time. The School acknowledges that in some exceptional circumstances there may be case to be made for having teaching a second time. This is what is known as Repeat Teaching. 

Am I eligible for Repeat Teaching?

Applications for Repeat Teaching will only be considered if you can provide evidence of extenuating circumstances having impacted you during the academic year and thus preventing you from benefitting or engaging with the teaching the first time around. If you experienced circumstances which affected your studies only on a short term basis (for example illness during the exam period) your application will not be considered. Similarly repeat teaching is not granted simply if you fail or defer assessment. 

You may apply if you have had exceptional circumstances and:

  • You have failed to progress into the next year of study (first and second year undergraduate students).
  • You have failed to be awarded your degree (third year undergraduate and 9 month MSc students).
  • You have interrupted your studies in the Lent term and need to repeat Michaelmas term.
  • You have had examination bars put in place.


How can I apply for Repeat Teaching?

  • Read the email correspondence from the SSC that outlines your options following non-progression.
  • Read all of the information available on these webpages.
  • Carefully consider if you have a case for repeat teaching.
  • Determine that you are fit to engage with an additional year of teaching – be this consideration of your finances (as well as spending another year in education, Repeating Teaching comes with a fee), wellbeing or other.
  • Complete sections 1- 5 on the Repeat Teaching form. Ensure all fields are filled correctly. It is particularly important that section 5 is answered in full.
  • Attach corroborating evidence. Evidence must be in English. A reference for good supporting documents can be found here.
  • Submit all documents to your Departmental Tutor, copying in, by the deadline. Applications for the 2017/18 academic year must be submitted by Friday 28th July 2017. Late applications will not be considered. 


Who considers my Repeat Teaching application?

Repeat Teaching applications are first considered by your Departmental Tutor and then submitted to the Repeat Teaching Panel (RTP) for a final decision. The RTP usually consists of two academic members of staff and is administered by Student Services. The Panel ensures equity across the School for all applications. 


 Approved Applications

You and your Departmental Tutor will be notified by email when your Repeat Teaching application is approved.

Please be aware that when your application is approved it does not definitively mean you will be able to take repeat teaching. You will need to meet all applicable fee and visa requirements.

If you have been approved for Repeat Teaching and are an international student you must contact the International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT) in the Student Services Centre to access detailed advice on visa applications, caps and extensions. An approval of Repeat Teaching is not an absolute guarantee that you can take the teaching; you must satisfy visa compliance. 

All students will be expected to pay fees for the repeat year. These are confirmed to you in your outcome email and will appear on your account in due course.

Undergraduate Fees:

Repeat Teaching fees are currently £562.50 per half unit equivalent for a full year of teaching. A full year of Repeat Teaching in all units currently costs £4500. Full details can be found in the Table of Fees. Please refer to the table for the academic year in which you would take Repeat Teaching. Repeat Teaching fees are paid in the same way as normal programme fees and any questions about how to pay should be directed to the Fees Office.

Postgraduate Fees:

Repeat Teaching fees are currently the usual yearly fee for the programme which you are studying. Full details can be found in the Table of Fees. Repeat Teaching fees are paid in the same way as normal programme fees and any questions about how to pay should be directed to the Fees Office.

If you do meet all relevant requirements you will then need to register for the new academic year.

If you are returning from interruption, have been unregistered during the previous year or hold a visa that does not cover you for the entirety of the new academic year, you must register in person. You should register at the time confirmed for new students on your programme. This information can be found here

Continuing students who do not fall into any of the above categories can register via LSE for You from the beginning of September. More information can be found here

Denied Applications

If your application is rejected and you wish to appeal, you can contact to ask why your application has been rejected. Further to this you may submit a statement to the RTP explaining the reasons for appeal, and submitting more or new evidence as appropriate. You may also be required to obtain an updated recommendation from your Departmental Tutor.

You must submit this recommendation along with a letter of appeal to The deadline for submitting your appeal will be included in your initial outcome email.

You may be asked to appear at a Panel meeting in person to discuss your appeal. 

If you do not make a successful Repeat Teaching application or subsequent appeal you will automatically be re-entered to take your outstanding papers as an unregistered student during the applicable exam session the following academic year. Further information about re-entry can be found here