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Repeat Teaching

What is Repeat Teaching?

If you fail to progress or complete your degree, but have exam attempts remaining, you may wish to take the teaching for a second or third time - this is what is known as Repeat Teaching. 

Applications for repeat teaching will only be considered if you can provide evidence of extenuating circumstances having impacted you during the academic year and thus preventing you from benefitting or engaging with the teaching the first time around.

If you experienced exceptional circumstances which affected your studies only on a short term basis (for example illnees during the exam period) your application will not be considered. Similarly repeat teaching is not granted simply if you fail or defer assessment. 

Who are the Repeat Teaching Panel?

The Repeat Teaching Panel are the committee that considers the cases of students who make an application to receive repeat tuition in one or more courses in the next academic session. 

The Panel usually meets in August and September. Cases referred to the Panel outside of this time will be dealt with individually by the Chair of the Panel or at a specially convened meeting.

Why would I apply for Repeat Teaching?

  • If you have failed to progress into the next year of study (first and second year undergraduate students).
  • If you have failed to be awarded your degree (third year undergraduate and 9 month MSc students).
  • If you have interrupted your studies in the Lent term and need to repeat Michaelmas term.
  • If you have had examination bars put in place.

Please note: The Panel normally only consider applications from undergraduate students as there are no progression requirements for the vast majority of graduate programmes. However, in exceptional circumstances students on 9 month MSc programmes can apply for repeat teaching. 12 month MSc students are unable to apply for repeat teaching as the teaching year begins before final results are received.

How can I apply for Repeat Teaching?

When do I need to apply for Repeat Teaching by?

The deadline for submitting a Repeat Teaching Application is Monday 18th July 2016.