Repeat Teaching Panel

What is the Repeat Teaching Panel?

The Repeat Teaching Panel is the committee which considers the cases of students who have not automatically progressed to their next year of study or are final year students who have not been awarded their degree and who apply to repeat the year and make an application to receive repeat tuition in one or more courses in the next academic session.

The Panel meets in August and September. Cases referred to the Panel outside of this time will be dealt with individually by the Chair of the Panel or at a specially convened meeting.

If you do not make a successful application you will be automatically re-entered to take your outstanding papers as an unregistered student  during the next exam session the following academic year. You will be responsible for paying an examination re-entry fee unless you deferred the assessments.

Why have I not been allowed to progress to my next year of study?

If you have not automatically progressed to your next year of study, this means you have not met the progression rules for your degree. You must have no more than one outstanding unit in order to progress into your next year of study. This includes both failed and deferred courses.

The regulations for first degrees are available online. Paragraphs 28 through to 32 deal with progression issues.  Paragraph 24 of these regulations outline the number of attempts you have at each course.  

Why have I not been awarded my degree?

If you are a final year student you may not have been classified because you have not met one or both of the following criteria for your BA/BSc degree, :

  • You must have attempted all 12 papers. If you are absent from one or more paper, you will not normally be classified.
  • You must have passed at least 9 of your 12 papers. If you fail more than three papers, you will not normally be classified.

If you are a second year direct entrant, please refer to the online Calendar

For classification guidelines for the LLB degree, please refer to the online Calendar

When do resits take place?

For all students on a BA/BSc degree resits take place during the examination period in the Summer term of the next academic year. You will be expected to resit all failed papers at this time. For first and second year LLB students, resits normally take place in September. Please ensure that you check your programme regulations for clarification on which examinations you are expected to resit.

If I resit a paper will my mark be capped or will I incur any penalty?

If you resit a failed paper on a BA/BSc degree programme, and subsequently pass this paper, this mark will count and will not be capped. BA/BSc students are not permitted to resit any paper which they have already passed.

For students on the LLB degrees, please refer to the online Classification scheme for Bachelor of Laws

Can I apply for repeat teaching after interrupting my studies?

If you interrupt your studies then you are normally expected to return at the same point in the next academic year. However, you can make an application to repeat study. You can apply to register from the start of the next academic year if you interrupted in the Lent term.  

If you have a provisional examination bar in place when you decide to interrupt your studies then you must apply for repeat teaching for the next academic year. A successful application is essential in order to meet the School's requirement to complete teaching before being entered for an examination.

The SSC website has full details regarding applying for an interruption of studies.