Academic Office Hours

 Office hours are hours in which an academic will be available to students in order to have a conversation about wellbeing, offer feedback on a student’s progress, specific summative or formative assessments,  and/or have an in depth discussion of an academic area in which the student is interested.
All academics provide these hours. Students may access any academic’s office hours whose research areas are of interest or relevant to the student, as well as their class teachers’, course lecturers’ or academic advisor’s office hours.
Office hours are often used for a one-to-one chat with a student, but might also be used for a smaller tutorial style meeting between the academic and a small group of students.
Academics’ office hours should be clearly published on their department’s ‘Who’s Who’ page on the LSE website, on LSE for You and/or their particular course’s Moodle page. Some academics also have a notice outside their office saying when their hours are. How office hours are organised varies.  For some office hours, students are encouraged to just turn up, others require that appointments be booked via LSE for You (booked appointments are usually ten minutes long).