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Interview with Nicholas Stern

 "I do think that the ability to work closely, analyse, describe, communicate, recommend - those skills are absolutely fundamental and in addition you're going to need the skills to communicate and work with people with different backgrounds from your own … I believe that there is no place better than LSE to acquire those skills and no set of skills that you are going to need more in terms of what you do in the future."

In this film, Lord Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government at LSE, talks to the Director of LSE100, Jonathan Leape. Lord Stern will deliver the first lecture of the LSE100 module "How should we manage climate change?". Here, he discusses why this topic was chosen for LSE100, highlighting the importance of collaboration across social science disciplines and of having a degree of intellectual breadth as well as specialist depth in a single (or joint) discipline.

Length: 5 minutes 38 seconds