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All email enquiries to:

LSE100 Director
Professor George Gaskell

LSE100 Deputy Director
Dr Jessica Templeton

Course administrator
Camilla Luxford
KSW.4.05, 020 7107 5361

Unfortunately 20 Kingsway is not wheelchair accessible but we are happy to meet with students in an alternative venue. Please get in touch with us via email or phone if you would like us to arrange this.

Video interviews

Watch short videos of the Director of LSE100, Dr Jonathan Leape, in conversation with key members of staff and students at the School about LSE100 The LSE Course.

Danny Quah

Danny Quah|
Professor of Economics, LSE. 

Ernestina Coast

Ernestina Coast
|Senior Lecturer in Population Studies
Department of Social Policy, LSE

Dev Gangjee  

Dev Gangjee
|Lecturer in Law, LSE

Paul Kelly Photo

Paul Kelly|
Pro Director and Professor of Political Theory, LSE


Nicholas Stern
|IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government, LSE



Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang|
LSE Students' Union Education and Welfare Officer (2010)




Jenny Owen Photo

Jenny Owen
|Head of LSE Careers


Michael Cox|
Professor of International Relations, LSE

Photo Neil Mclean


Neil Mclean
|Head of Educational Development, LSE