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News and Awards

Prizegiving and public lecture 2014

The outstanding achievement of the LSE100 2013-14 prizewinners was celebrated on Wednesday 15 October 2014 at the LSE100 prizegiving and public lecture. The LSE100 Public lecture “The Summit: the biggest battle of the Second World War – fought behind closed doors" was given by Ed Conway, Economics Editor of Sky News. The podcast of the public lecture is available online on the LSE news and media page.


(L-R: Professor Paul Kelly, Jack Ashfield (Prizewinner), Devon-Jane Airey (Prizewinner), Xiao Wei Mak (Prizewinner), Sir Robert Worcester.)

Sir Robert Worcester Prizes for exceptional academic performance 2013-14

Devon-Jane Airey, Joint best performance 2014
Jack Ashfield, Joint best performance 2014
Xiao Wei Mak, Highest examination mark 2014

LSE100 Prizes for outstanding achievement on the course 2013-14

Myrto Drosopoulou
Michelle Fung
Jonathan Griggs
Thomas Harry
Leonardo Jong
Tom Jordan
Jessica Martin
Akshita Mehra
Daniela Soldner-Rembold
Zann Tay
Benjamin Tully
Eve Turner
Alfred Wong

Adapting to climate change: The challenges of the least-developed countries

LSE100 was pleased to welcome Quamrul Chowdhury, an economist who specialises in climate change and sustainable development, to give a public lecture on Monday, 3 March on the impact of climate change on the Least Developed Country’s and the challenges of climate-smart development and adaptation. Mr Chowdhury is a lead negotiator for the G-77, and has represented developing countries for over 35 years in multilateral environmental negotiations, including the UNFCCC process, the Kyoto Protocol, the Earth Summit, Rio +20 and development of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals. This lecture was chaired by Dr Robert Falkner, Reader in International Relations and Associate of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

October 2013: LSE100 prizewinners 2013

Sixteen students have been awarded prizes for their exceptional academic performance on the LSE100 course in 2012-13. Their outstanding achievement was celebrated on Thursday 24 October 2013 at the LSE100 prizegiving and public lecture.  The LSE100 Public lecture 'Thinking and Feeling About Risk: can they be separated?' was given by Professor David Spiegelhalter. The podcast and video of the public lecture are available online on the LSE news and media page


Left photo: (L-R: Sir Robert Worcester, Anthea Choo (LSE100 prizewinner), Professor Paul Kelly), Right photo: (L-R: Sir Robert Worcester, Simon Pellas (LSE100 prizewinner), Professor Paul Kelly)

Sir Robert Worcester Prizes for exceptional academic performance 2012-13

ANTHEA CHOO Best overall mark on LSE100
SIMON PELLAS Highest examination mark on LSE100

LSE100 Prizes for outstanding achievement on the course 2012-13


The prizegiving film can be viewed here

February 2013: LSE100 runners up for Teaching Excellence award

LSE100 is a runner up in the Teaching Excellence category in the inaugural Guardian University Awards. LSE was one of three universities to be shortlisted in the category, which is sponsored by The Higher Education Academy.  Read more details in the LSE news item or the follow-up article online on the Guardian website.

November 2012: LSE100 prizewinners 2012

The LSE100 Subboard of examiners awarded 14 prizes for students’ outstanding academic achievement on LSE100 in 2011-12. Following a generous gift to LSE100 from Sir Robert Worcester, Emeritus Governor of the School and founding member of the LSE100 Steering Committee, two Sir Robert Worcester prizes for exceptional academic performance on LSE100 have been established.

Sir Robert Worcester Prizes for exceptional academic performance 2011-12

JESSICA HUI – for best overall mark on LSE100
KENNETH LIM – for highest examination mark on LSE100

LSE100 Prizes for outstanding achievement on the course 2011-12


These prizes were presented at the LSE100 Public Lecture and Prizegiving, which was held on Monday 19 November 2012. The podcast and video of the public lecture, given by Gillian Tett,  are available online on the LSE news and media page.


(L-R: Professor Craig Calhoun, Director of LSE, Kenneth Lim (LSE100 prizewinner), Jessica Hui (LSE100 prizewinner), Sir Robert Worcester, Dr Jonathan Leape, Director of LSE100.

Prizegiving film:

September 2012: LSE100 Director publishes on LSE100 and the education of economists

An article by Jonathan Leape, Director of LSE100 (‘Good economists need more than economics – The multidisciplinary LSE100 course’ ) was published this month in the book, What’s the use of economics: Teaching the dismal science after the crisis, following a Bank of England – Government Economic Service workshop held earlier in the year. Although, given the subject of the book, the paper focuses particularly on the education of economists, it sets out the pedagogic motivation and approach of LSE100 and many of the arguments relating to economists are valid more broadly.

May 2012 : LSE100 Director speaks at University of Utrecht

The Director of LSE100, Dr Jonathan Leape, gave a keynote address on LSE100 at the University College, University of Utrecht, Learning and Teaching Event, in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in which he set out the LSE100 strategy for developing intellectual breadth and strengthening critical skills. On the second day, he co-led a workshop on teaching argumentation and writing with Dr Suzanne Lane, Director of the ‘Writing across the curriculum’ programme at MIT.

May 2012: APD Annual Report

The Academic and Professional Development Division published its Annual Report for 2011-12. LSE100 works closely with colleagues in APD and a summary of key initiatives forms part of the 'Maximising Student Potential' section of this report.

See pages 12-13 of the APD report online

April 2012: LSE100 Director speaks to the Scottish Economic Society

The Director of LSE100, Dr Jonathan Leape, gave a plenary talk at the annual meeting of the Scottish Economic Society, on why economists need more than economics and all social scientists need to understand the different ways of thinking like a social scientist, and presented the strategy of LSE100.

April 2012: LSE100 teacher presents research to Italian Prime Minister

LSE100 teacher, Dr Simona Milio, who also works for LSE Enterprise’s Social and Cohesion Policy unit, presented the findings of a study on Brain Drain, Brain Circulation and Brain Exchange to Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti in Rome on 16 April 2012.

Read the LSE Enterprise News

February 2012: "LSE100: The Story of a Course"

LSE100 is now featured as one the "Stories from LSE" series, in a film made possible by HEIF4 funding. In this film the Director of LSE100, Dr Jonathan Leape, sets out the thinking behind the course, leading academics at LSE, all of whom teach on the course, comment on its intellectual value and students discuss the value of the course, both to their own understanding of the social sciences and also to employers looking for students who can work well in groups, write cogent arguments and see an issue from a range of perspectives.

Read more and watch the video

October 2010: Royal Visitor

On 25 October 2010, the Director of LSE100 welcomed HRH the Duke of York to an LSE100 lecture as part of his visit to the School. The Duke observed Dr Ernestina Coast's lecture on 'Is population growth sustainable?' and then took time to discuss the course with LSE100 students and teachers.

Read the School's press release

June 2010: Winner of a Green Gown award

LSE100 won the Course category in the prestigious Green Gown Awards in 2010.

The Green Gown Awards, run by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges, recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges across the UK.  'LSE The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things', was pronounced the winner in the Courses category. LSE was commended by the judges for its 'exciting and bold whole institution approach.  Reflecting a clear commitment and willingness to lead. LSE has created for its students an invaluable tran-disciplinary space'.

Read the School's press release

March 2010: Investors in People Bronze award for the LSE100 team

In March 2010, LSE100 received the 'Investors in People Bronze Award', as part of the Academic and Professional Development Division, the first group in the LSE to have achieved this award. LSE100 is, moreover, the first academic teaching unit in the School to be awarded IIP status.

For LSE100, the IIP preparation process created a valuable opportunity to take stock of strategies and practice with respect to management, teamwork, knowledge-sharing, learning and development of a relatively new team in the School. The report from the assessor provided useful guidance on areas for development, but LSE100 was singled out for its success in building a cohesive team with a high level of commitment and ownership – and 'such passion'.

'The LSE100 programme is an excellent example of where staff development, which was very intensive, is allowing the department to deliver a highly innovative and challenging course, developed from 'scratch' with extensive input by all concerned.' (IIP Review report March 2010)

Read the Staff development newsletter article





Duke Of York Visit
Duke of York's visit, October 2010



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Green Gown Award, June 2010



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Investors in People, March 2010