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All email enquiries to:

LSE100 Director
Professor George Gaskell

LSE100 Deputy Director
Dr Jessica Templeton

Course manager
Kate Barker
KSW.4.05, 020 7107 5367

Course administrator
Camilla Luxford
KSW.4.05, 020 7107 5361

Unfortunately 20 Kingsway is not wheelchair accessible but we are happy to meet with students in an alternative venue. Please get in touch with us via email or phone if you would like us to arrange this.


Formative work (which does not count towards your final mark)

You will get feedback on your formative work as written comments which you can discuss in a 1-2-1 feedback session with your class teacher. The in-class assignments include short writing tasks as well as a data analysis exercise and a presentation in your second term.

Summative assessment (which does count towards your final mark).

Your mark for the course will be based on a short (400–500 word) in-class writing assignment and an essay of 1500 words in the first term, a 400–500 word in-class assignment and a group project in the second term, and a two-hour final examination. Each of your assessments will be marked using the grades Distinction, Merit, Pass or Fail.


The following table shows the final classification scheme for LSE100. Abbreviations S1 to S5 refer to the five pieces of summative work which count towards your final mark.


Term 1   Term 2 Exam Overall grade
 S1  S2 Essay  S3  S4  S5 Exam
Distinction in essay and all passed  Distinction  Distinction
 One Distinction, Merit in Essay and all passed  Distinction  Distinction
 Three Merits including Essay and all passed  Distinction  Distinction
 Merit in Essay and all passed  Merit  Merit
 Two Merits and all passed Merit   Merit
 Two or more Passes  Any Pass mark  Credit
 Three or more Fails  Any mark  Fail
 Any combination of marks  Fail  Fail









Transcripts and degree classification

Your mark for LSE100 will be listed on your transcript, but it does not count towards your degree classification.  The abbreviations and explanations for the LSE100 final grades on LSE for You and on final transcripts are as follows:

CR (Credit) = Successfully completed

M (Merit) = Completed with Merit

DI (Distinction) = Completed with Distinction

F (Fail) = Fail

I (Incomplete) = Incomplete

[Note that students who fail the examination (S5) but pass at least two other assessments will receive a mark of I (Incomplete) as they are entitled to take a resit examination and their final mark will be updated following the Examination Sub-board the following academic year.]

External Examiners' reports

LSE100 has two external examiners. Their reports following the 2012 and 2013 Examination subboards are provided below:

2012 report from External Examiner 1|

2012 report from External Examiner 2|

2013 report from External Examiner 1|

2013 report from External Examiner 2|


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