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The pilot of LSE100


LSE100 was first run as a pilot in 2009-10, before becoming compulsory for all incoming undergraduates from 2010-11.

Online registration took place between 26-30 October 2009. 218 applications had been received by 8am on the first day and all 400 places were allocated on a 'first-come-first-served' basis. Applications were received from students on all 37 of LSE's undergraduate degree programmes.

Students gave a variety of reasons for applying to join the pilot:

  • "I want to be more well-rounded academically. LSE100 provides an avenue for me to improve my debating and writing skills through the examination of current issues. This is in contrast to the quantitative nature of my degree. I firmly believe that any social science requires a multi-disciplinary approach to fully appreciate it and LSE100 provides a platform that encourages the individual to view issues from different perspectives."
  • "I genuinely thought that the questions raised by LSE100 are thought provoking and I like the idea of being able to introduce variety to my work."
  • "It allows me to debate topics which I find extremely interesting with the added bonus of being in classes with students studying different courses."
  • "I decided to apply for this pilot simply because it is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for any undergraduate - this course is pioneering and to be a part of such a groundbreaking course would be amazing."

The LSE100 Pilot included a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation strategy to provide feedback for the first full run of the course in 2011. The Course office conducted regular surveys and polls, individual interviews and focus groups and the teaching team met weekly to share knowledge and experience on course design and delivery. In this way, feedback was captured on all aspects of LSE100 to inform the final design of the course for its launch to all first years in January 2011. 


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