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Professor George Gaskell

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Course Manager
Ashley Thomas
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Course Administrator
Camilla Luxford
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Unfortunately 20 Kingsway is not wheelchair accessible but we are happy to meet with students in an alternative venue. Please get in touch with us via email or phone if you would like us to arrange this.


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The Writing Lab

Now open to all Undergraduate students

From weeks 3-8 of Michaelmas and Lent Terms the LSE100 Writing Lab is offering all undergraduate students a free one-to-one 30 minute tutorial service to support their academic written work from any department. Appointments must be booked in advance via the office hours booking system under LSE100 on LSE for You. The Writing Lab advisers provide guidance about writing and feedback on draft work. They will go through your work and discuss:

•   analysis of the question
•   overall structure of the answer
•   logical organisation and linking of ideas
•   conventions of academic writing, including referencing
•   paragraph and sentence length and structure.

Please note that the Writing Lab is not a proof reading service. Advisers will not check an entire piece of work for errors or provide help with content.

LSE100 work
You are welcome to take along your in-class writing activities for LSE100 if you would like to talk through them with an adviser. However you will not be allowed to submit more than a one page outline for your assessed essay for your LSE100 course.

How to make or cancel a booking
Bookings are dealt on a first-come-first-served basis and restricted to one 30-minute appointment per week, and no more than two appointments can be made per student per term. You might not see the same adviser twice if you book two appointments.

If you have a submission deadline be sure to bring your work (or sections of it) as early as possible so that you have plenty of time to make corrections and revisions.

1. Make your booking via the office hours system in LSE for You. Select LSE100 from the departments, select "Writing lab adviser 1" or "Writing lab adviser 2" to view the available appointments and make a booking.

2. Once you have booked your session you will receive a confirmation email with the time and date of your appointment and you will be able to see it on 'view my appointments' in LSE for You.

3. You must email your work and coversheet to LSE100.WritingLab@lse.ac.uk at least 24 hours before you come to your appointment to give your adviser time to review your work. Please include your appointment date and time as the subject line of the email. No more than 2000 words may be submitted. You should also bring a printed out copy of your work and coversheet with you to your appointment.

4. Appointments can be booked up to two weeks in advance and up to two days before a session. If you need to cancel your appointment you must select ‘cancel booking’ next to your appointment time in LSEforYou. We ask that if you are unable to come to your booked session you cancel it as soon as possible to allow another student to take your place.