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Unfortunately 20 Kingsway is not wheelchair accessible but we are happy to meet with students in an alternative venue. Please get in touch with us via email or phone if you would like us to arrange this.

Lent Term 2015 Lectures

Please note that the Lent Term of LSE100 is for first year students starting on the first half of LSE100. LSE100 lectures are held in the Peacock Theatre on Mondays from 12-2pm and are repeated on Tuesdays from 9-11am. Due to the capacity of the venue there are a number of spare seats for each LSE100 lecture. Any member of the School may attend lectures please email the course office for more information at lse100@lse.ac.uk|.

Module 1
How should we manage climate change?

Lent term week 1
Climate change and risk
Professor Lord Nicholas Stern|
Mon 12 Jan, 12pm-2pm 
Tues 13 Jan, 9am-11am 

Lent term week 2
Public goods and the challenge of managing climate change
Professor Eric Neumayer| 
Mon 19 Jan, 12pm-2pm 
Tues 20 Jan, 9am-11am

Lent term week 3
Climate change: an international relations perspective
Dr Robert Falkner
|Mon 26 Jan, 12 noon–1pm
Tues 27 Jan, 9am-10am


Special lecture 1: Argumentation and writing in the social sciences
Dr Neil McLean
Mon 26 Jan, 1pm–2pm
Tues 27 Jan, 10am–11am

Lent term week 4
Climate change and international environmental law (one hour)
Dr Stephen Humphreys|
Mon 2 Feb, 12pm-1pm


Individual decision-making: nudging energy consumption (one hour)
Professor Paul Dolan|
Mon 2 Feb, 1pm-2pm

Lent term week 5
Special lecture 2: Quantitative research methods
Professor George Gaskell|
Mon 9 Feb, 12pm-2pm
Tues 10 Feb, 9am-11am

Module 2
Do nations matter in a global world? 

Lent term week 6
How globalisation is transforming the nation-state system
Dr Jennifer Jackson Preece|
Mon 16 Feb, 12pm-2pm
Tues 17 Feb, 9am-11am

Lent term week 7
Do nations matter?
Professor Craig Calhoun| 
Mon 23 Feb, 12pm-2pm 
Tues 24 Feb, 9am-11am

Lent term week 8
Identity and the nation
Dr Michael Bruter| (one hour)
Mon 2 Mar, 12pm–1pm
Tues 3 Mar, 9am–10am


Nations in a Globalizing World: on the role of difference and resemblance
Dr Mathijs Pelkmans| (one hour)
Mon 2 Mar, 1pm-2pm
Tues 3 Mar, 10am-11am

Lent term week 9
Do nations matter morally?
Laura Valentini
Mon 9 Mar, 12pm-2pm
Tues 10 Mar, 9am-11am

Lent term week 10
Moral reasoning: our duties as individuals to the global poor
Dr Alex Voorhoeve| 
Mon 16 Mar, 12pm-1pm 
Tues17 Mar, 9am-10am


Special lecture 3: Crafting and delivering persuasive, engaging presentations
Dr Neil McLean
Mon 16 Mar, 1pm-2pm
Tues 17 Mar, 10am-11am