Work it out

Our work environment is transforming in exciting yet challenging ways and with the future being shaped by technological innovations and new job roles being created every day, it’s uncertain as to what the future workforce might look like.

One thing, however, will remain the same: the pursuit of purpose. Do you want a career that’s fulfilling?

If the answer is yes, Work it out is for you! LSE Careers and LSE LIFE have come up with an exciting series of events that will allow you to explore the concept of meaningful work. Through these events you will gain a clearer idea of what your key priorities and values are for your future career choices.

To help you arrive a step closer to making your decisions, we have invited a team of inspiring and experienced speakers and panellists to engage in workshops, round tables, and seminars. 

  • How do you go about finding fulfilling work? Social philosopher and author of How to Find Fulfilling Work, Roman Krznaric will share the insights that have made him a thought leader in this field.
  • What will work of the future look like? Futurologists, Sandra Evans and Julie Blunt from The Art of Work, will share what they think the workplace of the future will look like, and importantly, what skills and attributes you will need to succeed.
  • Designing organisations for tomorrow's workers. An interactive workshop with RSA fellows exploring how organisations can respond to the workplace of tomorrow
  • What does meaning and impact mean to you? Inspiring alumni share their career journeys and what ‘making a difference’ means for them.
  • Can finance be a force for good? Hear speakers working in ethical/sustainable finance about how jobs in the finance sector can have a positive impact on the lives we all lead.
  • Design thinking in your career. There are many different forms of design thinking but many of them share five elements in common – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. Many people think that these aspects relate only to the design of products or brands or physical quantities. But they can actually be applied to any process where a human being is attempting to solve a problem, realise a goal or justify a position or argument they are making. Career success can be viewed as one such process where decisions are taken on the basis of a fluid adoption of a particular set of design thinking focuses, objectives and self-testing.
  • What motivates you? The role of purpose and values in your career. This workshop offer the opportunity to reflect in a relaxed and interactive environment on the triangle "motivation-purpose-values" and how understanding oneself in this regard may empower one’s own career.

We’d love to invite you to join this inspiring and worthwhile journey! 

Work It Out

A joint initiative by LSE Careers and LSE LIFE