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LSE Study Toolkit


Welcome to the LSE Study Toolkit, a web resource designed to help you to tackle LSE style study with confidence.

Before the toolkit was developed, we asked current students about the skills they thought were vital to success at LSE. The four sections below reflect their answers, and the resources and guidance provided for each of them are designed to help you develop the skills you will need for rewarding and successful study. It is worth having a look at all the sections as those skills build on each other.

Making convincing arguments: guidance on developing critical analysis - a crucial skill for making convincing arguments - and advice on how best to build your arguments in essays and in exams 
Communicating your ideas: advice on communicating your ideas in the various settings you will encounter at LSE, including in class discussions and presentations
Studying independently: guidance on managing your time, meeting deadlines and how to be “independent” in a group setting – skills that will be useful here at LSE and throughout your working life
Honing your quantitative skills: advice on maintaining and developing your confidence in quantitative work, an aspect of many LSE degrees, through homeworks, readings and being an active learner