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Communicating your ideas

LSE-Study-Toolkit-communicating-your-ideas-iconCommunicating ideas, problems and solutions in clear and accessible terms is one of the key skills that you will develop over your time at LSE. Whether you are delivering presentations, participating in debates, or just contributing to class discussions, effective communication is crucial.

Communicating your ideas effectively will often involve conveying dense or complicated material in simple, accessible terms. You might draw on a number of supporting technologies, aides and software options to help you do this. Making sure that you’ve thought about and practised effective communication at LSE will serve you well for your future careers as you make use of the skills and supports that are so important at work today. 

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How to communicate your ideas in the various settings you will encounter at LSE – advice from Dr Neil McLean, Director of the Academic and Professional Development Division.

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Communicating your ideas in presentations

Communicating your ideas in class discussions