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Lionel Robbins Building (LSE Library)

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Monday to Friday: 10:00-18:00






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Taught master's students

Welcome to LSE LIFE - we are the brand new centre of excellence for academic, personal, and professional development! We are housed in bespoke space on the ground floor of the Library and we are here to accompany you during your master's year.

We bring hands-on experience of what the master's journey is like: fulfilling your course requirements while building a new social network; balancing studying with looking for a job; returning to school after years of work experience, or starting to study a completely new subject. We’ve been there - indeed, we are trained to help you embark on this rich and rewarding learning curve. Your master's will offer you not only opportunities to further your study techniques, but also to develop skills and gain experiences which you will find useful for the rest of your life.

To excel in your master's you will need sharp tools to be “LSE ready”

  • How familiar are you with the “LSE style” of critical thinking, arguing, and writing?
  • How much do you know about your own learning skills and strategies?
  • Beyond your master's, what else do you want to achieve during this year?

Studying at LSE offers opportunities and poses challenges and we are dedicated to helping you succeed:

  • Improve your study techniques by exploring our online resources – we have a bespoke LSE Study Toolkit as well as LSE LIFE podcasts.
  • Get help and discuss your study-related concerns with one of our LSE LIFE trained study advisers – don’t hesitate to drop-in or book an appointment via LSE for You.
  • Refine your reading, note taking, writing, and presentation skills by attending our workshops and talks. Coming up this term: “Write essays that LSE markers want to read”, “What is critical thinking?”, or “Speak Up! Make your voice heard in seminars & classes”. To find out what else is happening in LSE LIFE click here. If you are unable to make it to a workshop, you will find the materials on our LSE LIFE Moodle page after the session.

Make full use of LSE LIFE – we’re convinced that our many years’ experience and expertise will help you enhance your study experience and boost your performance!