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Summer Term Dissertation Events


A dissertation is a major part of most master’s programmes; and for many students, it is one of the most rewarding aspects of their study at LSE.

In the last few weeks of Summer Term, LSE LIFE is covering the essentials of dissertation writing – from structuring and referencing to planning and conducting your summer time research. We’re also running a series of casual sessions designed to get you talking with other people also doing dissertations – even just explaining your topic to someone else can improve your own understanding!

All of the talk recordings, slides and handouts from the sessions we've already run are available on our Moodle page.

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Everything we've done this year.

We've covered a lot of aspects of dissertation writing throughout the past year, and you might have missed some of what we've done. Below are the links to the slides and handouts for all of the events we've run over the past year, as well as a few extra resources we think are useful.

Getting started

How to get started on your Master's dissertation

Write your research proposal

Develop your research question



How to explore and review the literature

Make a start writing your literature review


Conducting research

How to prepare to collect and analyse data

Plan and conduct responsible, ethical research

Plan your dissertation research

Practical tips for qualitative research

Practical tips for quantitative research

Practical tips for working with research participants

Practical tips for planning and conducting interviews

Practical tips for doing thematic analysis

Practical tips for doing discource analysis



How to write a master's dissertation

Structure your dissertation

Make a start writing your literature review

Write a draft abstract

Making it

Pitch your research project

Plan your summertime research and writing



Inject originality into your project

What is originality in a research project?