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Ground Floor

Lionel Robbins Building (LSE Library)

Houghton Street




Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 10:00-18:00






020 7852 3580




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You've heard the story: LSE LIFE is the School's new centre for undergraduate and taught master's students for academic, personal and professional development. But what can you actually do in LSE LIFE? And how can you do it? Here are a few examples:

Drop in for some information or advice

LSE LIFE is open Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 18:00. During these hours, there will be study advisers on hand to respond to your queries and concerns about your studies, give you more information about LSE LIFE events and workshops, and help you find the support that is most useful to you. You will find the study advisers at the reception desk and in the consultation space (the first area you enter when you pass the LSE LIFE turnstiles).


Study advisers will be able to give you some initial advice, but may suggest booking a one-to-one appointment, to get further advice and take a closer look at your specific task or question.

Take part in a workshop

We offer practical, hands-on workshops every day on a wide variety of academic, personal, and professional skills. You can get advice and practise your skills for academic writing and reading, research, communication and presentation, time management and building your career, among other areas. Our workshops are delivered by LSE LIFE Learning Developers and specialists from the Language Centre, Careers and Library, as well as experts from academic departments and external practitioners.


Workshops are held in LSE LIFE and most last 50 minutes. You will need to book a place on our workshops via the Training and Development online booking system, the online CareerHub, or by e-mail. Anyone at the reception desk can help you with booking.


See all our workshops

Join in a specialised drop-in session for help with your homework, your CV, or for English language support, etc.

At various times throughout the week, specialists will be on hand for specialised drop-in sessions. For example, a specialist from Careers will be available twice a week for consultations and for help with your CV. LSE LIFE offers a daily Academic language hour, where English teachers from the Language Centre will hold sessions around language for university study. You can join your classmates to do your homework, with the support of tutors from the Maths Department and Statistics Department, who are on hand to help if you have questions. You can also come along as a study group to our twice weekly sessions, where an adviser will be on hand to give you guidance and answer questions about group work.


There is no need to book or to make an appointment for these specialised drop-in sessions. Just come during the indicated times/days. The sessions are located in various areas in the LSE LIFE space, so check with the LSE LIFE reception to find where the session you’re looking for is taking place.


See all our specialised drop-in sessions.

Book a one-to-one session with a study adviser

You may wish to have an occasional one-to-one session with one of our study advisers.They can help you with reading, making notes, writing, research, exam revision, and other study-related tasks or questions. These 30-minute sessions take place in LSE LIFE Workspace 1. A meeting room is available on request if you would prefer to discuss your question in private. One-to-one appointments can be booked at the LSE LIFE reception is person.


If you come to LSE LIFE for a booked one-to-one session, let the person at the LSE LIFE reception desk know you are there for your appointment and he/she will direct you to your study adviser. One-to-one appointments are limited to 4 per term, per student, in order to offer the opportunity to as many students as possible.


Study advisers can help with work such as understanding the essay question/topic, planning an essay, developing the structure of a piece of writing in the early stages. However, they will not be able to provide much support with last-minute requests. Please note that proof-reading is not part of the LSE LIFE offer. For information about proof-reading, please visit the Language Centre website.

Use our online study support materials

For times when it is not convenient to visit LSE LIFE, you can use our online materials for tips and exercises on writing, reading, and critical thinking; tools for planning and time management and advice on studying independently.


LSE LIFE Moodle: to catch up on talks and workshops you were unable to attend.


Study Toolkit: a web resource designed to help you to tackle LSE style study with confidence.


LSE LIFE podcasts: a series of 11 episodes covering key study skills - from reading, making notes, and essay writing, to dissertation research and exam revision. 

Share your ideas for learning activities

LSE LIFE is first and foremost a place for LSE students to discover, learn, and practise the skills needed to do well and be well while at the School. So if you have ideas or suggestions for learning activities; conducting research; or other ways to practise, test, and apply what you are learning in your programmes – come in to share your ideas with us!


Drop in or get in touch by e-mail at lselife@lse.ac.uk.

All of these services are free and open to all LSE undergraduate and taught master's students. For more information, visit LSE LIFE on the ground floor of the Library, Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:00, or get in touch by e-mail at lselife@lse.ac.uk.