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Tier 4 visa workshops

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These workshops are intended to help you understand how to apply for a Tier 4 visa in the UK. There are two separate workshops for students who are preparing to apply for a visa to start a new course:

  • Extending your LSE Tier 4 visa - this workshop is only for those students who already have a Tier 4 visa for LSE and are applying for a new Tier 4 visa to start a new programme at LSE. 
  • Applying for a Tier 4 visa to study at LSE - this workshop is for people who have a Tier 4 visa for another institution or those who have a non-Tier 4 visa.

You must book the correct workshop for your circumstances. Each workshop has been written for the specified cohort of students. The workshops are not designed for current students who are applying for a visa extension to continue on the same course e.g PhD students with an extension.

The online visa application form provides you with questions based on the answers you have given. We may not be able to answer each individual question during the workshop, however there will be an opportunity for you to have your draft application checked after the workshop. 

During the workshop we will:

  • go through those sections of the Tier 4 application form which cause the most confusion
  • explain which supporting documents you need to include with your application and the requirements that these documents must meet
  • share some top tips on making a successful Tier 4 application
  • give you the opportunity to submit an application check 

Before the workshop you must:

  • Prepare your draft online application (do not submit and pay for it) and bring the draft (either a print out of the pdf version or bring your own laptop) to the appointment.
  • Prepare your original supporting documentation and bring all of it to the workshop.

We will not advise on the dependant application form during the workshop.  If you have dependants with you in the UK who will be applying for a new visa at the same time,   you are strongly advised to contact ISVAT before booking a place at a Tier 4 workshop. 

Disclaimer: The advice given in the workshop is based on the immigration rules at the time.  Attendance at the workshop does not guarantee a successful visa application.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the immigration rules at the time of application.

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