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Registering with the police

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Do I need to register with the Police?

Some nationalities must register with the police when they arrive in the UK with a visa for more than six months, and/or if they extend their visa for more than six months. 

Police Registration in London is administered by the Overseas Visitors Records Office (OVRO) near Elephant and Castle/Borough tube stations.

After you register, you must keep your registration certificate updated if you get a new visa or if you change address.

You only have to register if your  Biometric Residence Permit or decision letter says you must. You can check the list of nationalities who need to register at:

Home Office

It is a condition of your Tier 4 visa to register with the Police if your country is listed in the immigration rules and your visa is endorsed with the requirement.

When to register

  • If you have been away from the UK for more than 12 months you need to re-register
  • Within 7 days of your arrival in the UK
  • If you have a new visa you must go to OVRO and get your certificate updated within 7 days of receiving your new visa
  • If you change address you must update your certificate within 7 days
  • If you move into the Metropolitan Police area from another Police force

How to register with the Police in London

Attend OVRO in person 

During peak periods, you will be provided with a ticket with a date and time for you to return.  You must attend at this date and time or you will need to obtain another appointment.

For full details on registering go to:

Metropolitan Police - Overseas Visitors Records Office    

The staff at OVRO work closely with LSE.  You should remember that they are representatives of the UK Police.  Please be patient when you are completing the registration process as you are also representing the School.

What documents do I take to register in person?

  • Your passport
  • Registration fee of £34 - it is easier to pay in cash using the correct amount
  • Your completed proforma - this must be typed and no corrections must be made to it by hand or correction fluid
  • One UK standard sized passport photo - this must be glued to your proforma within the photo section.  Do not staple your photograph because it will be placed into a scanning machine.
  • Biometric Residence Permit if you have one.
  • Previous Police Registration Certificate if you have one.

Completing the proforma

You must complete the new OCR Proforma. The OCR proforma must be typed and you must glue your photograph to the form because it will be placed in a scanning machine.

You must ensure that the details are correct because OVRO will not be able to accept any proformas with the following errors:

  • forms that have been completed by hand
  • corrections made with correction fluid 
  • hand-written corrections
  • photographs which are stapled to the form.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have completed the form correctly. Please read the guidance notes on completing the form carefully.

OVRO Registration Proforma - PDF (Adobe Reader 11 required)

Guidance on completing the proforma - PDF

I have a temporary vignette and decision letter - what happens next?

OVRO have confirmed that if you have a temporary vignette and the decision letter confirming your grant of leave, you will be able to register with these documents.

I have registered with another Police Force - do I need a new certificate?

No - you can submit your current Police Registration Certificate to be updated by OVRO.

The requirement to register with the Police should be on your decision letter.  If you can't find your nationality on the list you do not need to register with the Police.

Autumn Interim Process

During the autumn, LSE facilitates an interim registration process on behalf of OVRO. This process is owned by OVRO and is only administered by LSE to assist during the peak period.

The interim process works by:

  1. You complete the request form below;
  2. You submit the required documents to ISVAT;
  3. ISVAT will issue a letter within five working days of receipt of your documents - this confirms that you are taking part in the interim process and puts the 7 day requirement on hold;
  4. ISVAT takes documents to OVRO for them to create/update your Police Registration Certificate. This will only be done in mid-late October.
  5. The Metropolitan Police will provide you with a date to collect your certificate.  This is usually on a Saturday and is non-negotiable.

LSE will take your documents in batches to OVRO.  This will be done on the following dates:

- Monday October 9th 2017

- Tuesday October 31st 2017

The last day to submit your documents to participate in the Interim Police Registration process is Friday 27th October.  After this date we will be unable to process your request.

We do not have a confirmed date of collection as yet, but you must attend on the date that you are allocated.  We are unable to expedite any requests, so if you have urgent travel you may need to consider registering in person.


  • Name
  • Declaration


What happens if I change address after I register?

If you change your address, you must inform the Police within seven days.  You can do this at any local Police station.  You can find your nearest Police station on the Metropolitan Police website.

If you live in LSE halls and you change rooms, you don't need to get this updated.

What happens if I do not register with the police?

It is a criminal offence not to register with the police if it is a requirement of your student visa.  You could be arrested, prosecuted and fined up to £5,000 or even imprisoned.  It could also lead to you being refused a visa in the future. 

When you register at LSE, you agree to abide by the conditions of your student visa and this includes police registration.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you register in time and to keep your record up to date.  This is very important if you need to extend your Tier 4 visa.