Tier 4 Student Responsibilities

As a Tier 4 student, you must ensure that you satisfy the Home Office terms and conditions of your immigration permission for the duration of your visa. This is a legal obligation and failure to do so may result in LSE withdrawing its sponsorship of you.

You must, therefore:

1.     Ensure Registry has copies of your most up-to-date immigration documentation eg visa and passport

2.     Keep your contact details up to date on LSE for You|

3.     Keep your contact details up to date on the Home Office records|

4.     Respond promptly to correspondence from Registry

5.     Inform Registry immediately if your immigration status changes or if your visa application is refused

5.     Provide accurate and truthful information to LSE when requesting a new CAS, including previous periods of study in the UK. According to the 5-year cap| imposed by the Home Office, degree-level students cannot obtain permission to study in the UK for longer than 5 years. PhD students pursuing their first PhD are exempt from the 5-year cap rule. However, if a student has been awarded a Post-Graduate research qualification which is listed in part 4 of Annex 6 of the Tier 4 Migrant guidance|, their studies will be capped at 8 years.

6.     Attend all your lectures and classes as scheduled. You must not have unauthorised absences*

7.     Leave the UK if your interrupt your studies or withdraw from LSE

8.     Inform the Home Office if you transfer to a shorter programme by emailing them at migrantreporting@ukba.gsi.gov.uk|

9.     Comply with all the conditions of your visa, including not working more hours than you are permitted to|, not claiming public funds|, and registering with the police| if required

10. Keep your BRP card up-to-date (for more information see Biometric residence permit holders' responsibilities|)

* You are required to attend all teaching sessions as scheduled on your personal timetable. If you wish to attend a session at a different time, please always seek authorisation from your department before you do so. Attending seminar sessions that you are not registered to attend without authorisation from your Department will result in your attendance not being recorded accurately.

You should also be aware of the School’s legal responsibilities as a Tier 4 Sponsor. LSE must:

1.     Keep up-to-date copies of immigration documentation for all Tier 4 students

2.     Ensure that students keep their contact details up-to-date on LSE for You

3.     Inform the Home Office immediately if a Tier 4 student fails to register, interrupts their studies, withdraws from their programme or fails to progress after sitting or re-sitting assessments

4.     Inform the Home Office of any changes to a student’s circumstances, including early completion of their programme or transfer to a different programme

5.     Monitor the attendance of Tier 4 students and report unsatisfactory attendance to the Home Office (students will be informed before this course of action is taken)

6.     Issue Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for students who are eligible to study in the UK under current Home Office immigration rules

If at any time during you studies you require advice on immigration, please contact the School’s International Student Immigration Service| or visit their webpage|s for more information.

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