Checking your Visa and Correcting Errors

Possible errors on your visa

When you receive your visa, you should check to see if there are any errors on it.  Possible errors may be:

  • the end date for your programme is too short. The end date of your Tier 4 student visa depends on the length of your course:
  • programme of study is 12 months or longer: you will be granted until the end of your programme plus four months.
  • programme of study is more than 6 months, but less than 12 months: you will be granted until the end of your programme plus two months.
  • LSE's sponsor license number is missing or incorrect
  • the number of working hours are incorrect - for full details on the working rules go to our information on working during your studies
  • your personal details (for example mis-spelled name).

Contact ISIS as soon as you notice an error on your visa.  You can only get this corrected before your visa expires.  If you request a correction but you don't receive a reply or the amendment is not agreed, you may be unable apply to extend your stay in the UK to obtain the additional months on your visa - this means making a fresh Tier 4 application.  You can only do this before the end date of your programme.

Correcting errors made outside the UK

If you notice your visa has an error before you travel, we recommend that you try to get it  amended  before travelling if possible.  It is likely to be quicker than the process in the UK.  

There is a system in the UK to amend this:

  • You contact ISIS to advise us there is an error on your visa / we contact you to inform you your visa may be incorrect
  • ISIS prepares a letter confirming the error which you must sign to give us permission to request the correction on your behalf
  • ISIS sends your passport and supporting documents on your behalf to the Referred Casework Unit at the Home Office explaining the apparent error
  • The Home Office check the records of your application and the information on your visa
  • If the Home Office agrees an error was made, they will issue a corrected visa. We are unable to guarantee that the Home Office will agree to amend your visa. 
  • Your passport is returned to ISIS (some have been sent directly to the student) and we will update Registry with details of your new visa

Your passport is sent to the Home Office at the start of the process and remains with them until a decision is made.  It is currently taking more than 20 working days to obtain a correction. We have no way of tracking the progress of a request so advise you do not plan to travel if you need a request submitted.

If you require your passport to open a bank account or any other administrative procedures, please complete these before submitting your passport.

If you must travel urgently, it may be possible to send the details of your travel to the Referred Casework Unit.  We are unable to guarantee that this will speed up the process of obtaining the correction.

Further details can be found on the Home Office website:

Home Office|

It is also possible to submit a correction of your visa yourself.  If you complete the correction yourself, you must provide the Registry with the details of your new Tier 4 visa:

Tier 4 Student Responsibilities|

IMPORTANT: From the 18th March 2015, UKVI began to introduce Biometric Residence Permits for entry clearance applications of more than six months.  Further details of the scheme and how to correct errors can be found on the UKCISA| website. 

Errors on Biometric Residence Permits in the UK

You should check your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) as soon as you receive it to check for any errors. If there are any typographical errors on your BRP, you must contact| informing them of the error within 10 working days of receipt.

If there are any other errors, you will now have to apply for your BRP to be amended through the Administrative Review process.  This includes:

  • Incorrect end date of your visa
  • Incorrect Sponsor Licence Number
  • Incorrect Working Permission

You must apply for the Administrative Review within 14 calendar days of receiving your incorrect Biometric Residence Permit. The Administrative Review process will cost £80 and you will need to complete an online form to request the review.

Administrative Review|

We have been advised that the process will take approximately 28 days to complete and if the review is successful you will be refunded your £80 application cost.

If you submit your request to get your BRP amended after 14 calendar days, we are unable to confirm that your request will be accepted and you may not be refunded the £80 fee to request the review.