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International Student Immigration Service (ISIS)

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What does ISIS do?

ISIS staff are the only staff who are designated at LSE to advise you on the student immigration rules.

We can advise you on your immigration options while studying at LSE. See the list below: 

  • applying to extend your stay in the UK under Tier 4 (General)
  • switching into Tier 4 from a different category
  • immigration implications if you need to interrupt your studies or retake your exams
  • correcting the end date of your visa if there has been a mistake
  • what to do if your Tier 4 application is returned as invalid or is refused
  • registering with the police
  • what to do if your passport is lost or stolen
  • travelling in and out of the UK
  • working during your studies
  • bringing your family to the UK or applying for your family to extend their stay inside the UK

Where is ISIS?

We are based in the Student Services Centre. Reception is in the ground floor of the Old Building.

How many advisers are there?

There are currently two full time members of staff:
International Student Immigration Service Manager: Bethan Ovens
Senior International Student Immigration Adviser: Laura Dyson

Is the advice confidential?

Yes. ISIS staff will not share the details of your case without your consent.

Download our Confidentiality policy

How do I know that the advice is correct?

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Regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner

ISIS staff are regulated  to give immigration advice under OISC guidelines. The OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) is an independent organisation that monitors immigration advice and services. We have to attend regular training to be able to do this. If you are given incorrect advice, there is a formal complaints procedure at LSE and also through the OISC.

LSE Complaints procedure|

OISC Complaints procedure|

Disclaimer: The advice provided by ISIS is in accordance with the current Immigration Rules and Policy guidance which is subject to change at short notice. You are therefore strongly advised to check the guidance on our webpages or on the UK Border Agency website before submitting a visa application or travelling to the UK. LSE is a member of UKCISA - the UK Council for International Affairs.

ISIS follows the code of ethics for advising international students.

LSE is a member of UKCISA - the UK Council for International Affairs.  ISIS follows the code of ethics for advising international students. 

Download AISA / UKCISA Code of Ethics |(updated June 2011)

How can I get advice?

  • LSE Website.
    The immigration rules change frequently and we update these pages regularly with detailed information for students. As there are just two staff in ISIS, we put as much information as possible on the website so that as many students as possible can use our service. 
    If you can't find the information you are looking for, you can come to drop-in or you can e-mail us.
  • Drop-in.
    We run a drop-in service in the Student Services Centre reception from 1.30pm -2.30pm. During the holidays, the drop-in session takes place every Tuesday and Thursday. If you have a quick question, you can come and ask. If we think you need more advice, we can make an individual thirty minute appointment for you (Please note that we cannot do individual Tier 4 (G) application checks at drop-in). Occasionally we have to change the times we do drop-in. You can check this on our website:
    Drop in Sessions
  • Tier 4 Advice Sessions.
    We run regular advice sessions on applying to extend your stay in the UK. These last up to two hours and we go through the most complex parts of the Tier 4 (General) application form and answer your questions. 
    There are no further workshops this summer. 
  • Individual appointments.
    Due to the high number of international students at LSE, we cannot always offer individual appointments. However, if we think that you need one, we can arrange this for you.

How can ISIS help me with my Tier 4 visa application?

As well as the online guidance, we run regular Tier 4 Visa workshops for students applying for a Tier 4 (General) Student visa in the UK. You can check your Tier 4 (G) application form step by step and find out which documents you need to send with your application.

ISIS run regular Tier 4 workshops throughout the summer. Workshops are aimed at students applying for a visa for a new programme at LSE.  If you are a student who needs to extend their visa to continue on the same programme or are applying for the Doctorate Extension Scheme, please contact ISIS for advice before booking a place on a workshop.

The workshop will focus on the "Apply Online" option which is available in the UK.  We will refer to the form in the workshop, so we recommend that you complete a draft of the form to get the most out of the session.

Tier 4 Workshop Booking Form|

After the workshop, we can also check your  draft application form and give you detailed written feedback.

Can I get advice about working in the UK?

Yes. ISIS can advise you about the working rules during your studies. You can also check on our webpage:

Working during your studies|

The HR department at LSE can advise you about working at LSE and about employing non-EEA staff:

LSE Human Resources|

Can I get my CAS from ISIS?

No. Student registry issue CASs for registered students. You can request this from:

Request a CAS from LSE registry| 

Where else can I get immigration advice?

Outside LSE, you can get information and advice from

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)|

They have an advice line from Monday to Friday, 1-4pm. The number is: 020 7788 9214. You can also search for an immigration specialist online at:


Law Society|

Community Legal Services|



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