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Staff Fitness



LSE holds a variety of exercise classes for staff. Try something new or continue with your weekly exercise regime

If you require any information please email the contact below.  We hope to see you soon in class!




  • Taichi: 8.00am to 9.20 am and 5pm - 6pm –  contact Ines Alonso Garcia
  • Hatha yoga: 12pm - 1pm at in the Faith Centre  – contact Lee Carter


  • Ashtanga Yoga: 1.00pm to 2.00pm at the Multi Faith Centre (New SU building - 2nd floor) - contact Dimitris

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Please see above for venue and timings.

This is a form of yoga suitable for everyone. It entails a series of postures practiced in sequence. The term Vinyasa refers to the alignment of movement and breath, giving the practice its dynamic flow. Attention is placed on the breath and the journey between the postures rather than solely on alignment.

Regular practice can help reduce stress levels, anxiety, improve sleep patterns and offer alternatives to habits that one might want to change. The class is open to all. Please, before attending the class email Dimitris for more information 


Please see above for venue and timings.

Tai Chi practice reaches body, mind and spirit. It can improve your general body condition, balance and co-ordination, helps reduce stress and increases body and mind relaxation. As an exercise it is gentle but also energetic at the same time.

Learning Tai Chi can be a lifetime process: although you can feel the benefits as a beginner there are always new areas to explore and improve upon. Tai Chi originated as a martial art but its practice is now more focused on health.

In a session we always start with a general warm up, then we may practice some of the movements of the form, basic steps and or pushing hands.

Taichi: details for Ines Alonso Garcia


I want to encourage all staff and students not to be afraid to try skipping. Find a fitness spot at your place of work, and visit that spot regularly to recharge your batteries.

So instead of trying to find reasons why you can't, try and find reasons why you can. Most people are more frightened by the thought of doing something, than they ever are when actually doing it.

If you're feeling blue, take some exercise - it often helps lift the spirit as the spirit is always young, no matter how old the flesh. After you have pushed yourself hard, relax. Play is just as important as work. Keep going!

Skip-fit: contact Daniel Beckley

Hatha Yoga   

Please see above for venue and timings.

Hatha Yoga has become widely practiced as we have discovered the huge benefits it brings to our well being. The practice involves working through a series of postures with the breath and mental focus. This combination develops strength, flexibility and awareness. We become more comfortable in the body and with our breath and the mind begins to relax, so rejuvenating your whole being. 

Come and find out more!  Contact  Lee Carter rawfruits@hotmail.com for any other questions.


Please see above for venue and timings.

Get Fit, Get Fabulous and Dance!

Dancing is still one of the most fun ways of keeping fit – building your stamina and flexibility.

You will learn the essential Salsa steps with Samantha and her team in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Remember it’s a partner dance so you will meet work colleagues around campus whilst all together, learn a fantastic social dance. 

Salsa:  contact Samantha Da-Costa