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See Web support for all the latest guidance and news about creating and editing content using the CMS and for the LSE web style guide, which is applicable to all web contributors.


The LSE website is produced and provided by LSE staff working in three roles:

  • Managing editors - editorially responsible (ie the content and its use) for their websites. See Managing editors for more.
  • Senior contributors - senior staff who are responsible for their section(s) and have authority over the contributors working on those sections. See Senior contributors for more.
  • Contributors - create, edit, and archive/delete web pages, images, and other web assets in accordance with the managing editor and senior contributor. See Contributors for more.

In addition, a fourth role is recognised as being relevant although indirect:

  • Authors - create content for supply to contributors. See Authors for more.

A member of staff may occupy one or several roles depending on local circumstances. For the most part, staff previously called web editors have now become contributors.