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See Web support| for all the latest guidance and news about creating and editing content using the CMS and for the LSE web style guide, which is applicable to all web contributors.




The LSE website is constantly developing, as is the infrastructure and the people that produce and manage it. Major changes are packaged as projects.

Continuous work streams:

  • Enhance LSE website:
    • November 2009 and ongoing: Content - continuing programme of content audits and reviews to align migrated sites to the new structure and improve user experience - Catherine Bellamy, managing editor (IMT).
    • May 2011: CMS - continuing programme to improve the functionality of the LSE website - Richard Meheux, production manager (IMT).
  • Rich media enhancements and upgrades;
    • develop media player web controls in the CMS - Tom Williams, rich media producer (ERD).

Completed major projects:

  • Rich media enhancements and upgrades: 
    • June 2011 to Dec 2011 upgrade flash media player to 5.7 for HTML5 compatibility,  
    • improve the video and audio guide and migrate it to Moodle. 
  • Upgrade CMS: April 2011 - upgrade the CMS from v4.1 to v6.x.
  • New LSE website: May 2009 to Nov 2009
  • Review of LSE website: Nov 2008 to Apr 2009
  • Procure and deploy CMS: Jan 2006 to Nov 2008