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See Web support for all the latest guidance and news about creating and editing content using the CMS and for the LSE web style guide, which is applicable to all web contributors.

Previous notices

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Upgrade of CMS 
The CMS has been updated to the latest version.


LSE on iTunes U
Web Services launched LSE on iTunes U with more than 1,000 public lectures and nearly 400 videos. Web Services has also improved the 'Video and audio' section of the LSE website to coincide with the launch of iTunes U. [July 2010]

See iTunes U | Video and audio | LSE joins iTunes U press release | Guide to video and audio.


CMS maintenance between 07:00 and 09:00 on Tuesday 7 September
The CMS will be taken offline briefly at some point between 07:00 and 09:00 for a memory upgrade. Please refrain from using the CMS during this time to avoid disruption and/or loss of work. [06/09/2010]

Discussion server (discuss.lse.ac.uk) - including 'Chatterlog' - to be decommissioned
LSE's discussion server is being decommissioned in early June. All traffic from discuss.lse.ac.uk is being redirected to 'About this website'. If you have any issues arising from this change, please use the 'Comment on this page' link below. [28/05/2010]

Rich media production and provision
We are unable - currently at least - to assist with the production of rich media (other than public lectures and events) outside of web surgeries. Contributors wishing to obtain support with rich media production and/or provision from Tom Williams (rich media producer) should attend web surgery on Mondays (3 to 4.30) or Thursdays (11 to 1).

However, we are unable to assist with the editing of media files or converting media files to the correct format. Videos must be supplied ready to go live as h.264 files using mp4, m4v or mov container format or as flv files. We strongly recommend that you use h.264 mp4, m4v or mov as these files can be offered as downloads in addition to streaming in the web browser. Audio files must be supplied ready to go live in mp3 format. If this presents problems for you we recommend that you seek support from an external supplier.




To clarify, the rich media producer produces and provides rich media products (videos, podcasts etc) for use within LSE's web presence (LSE website and beyond eg UChannel, iTunesU, etc). Although the scope of the role is the LSE website and beyond, the focus is LSE's corporate website, especially LSE's public lectures and events.


For further information, please contact Stephen Emmott on  ext 6939 or at stephen.emmott@lse.ac.uk. [30/04/2010]



Performance of LSE website and availability of the LSE Experts Directory   
The performance of the LSE website has been affected recently by underlying problems with its databases. As the LSE Experts Directory makes the most use of the underlying databases, we have temporarily taken this offline until we can upgrade the servers upon which the databases run. This work is scheduled to take place this afternoon. Our expectation is that there will be a brief period of disruption after which the LSE website will return to normal performance and reliability, and the LSE Experts Directory made available again. [18/02/2010]

CMS maintenance
Maintenance work will be carried out on the CMS this evening between 21:00 and 22:00. This will require the publishing queue to be cleared. As such, editors and contributors are asked to avoid any major changes or authorising pages/files between 20:30 and 22:00. This is to allow sufficient time for any changes before then to publish and for completion of work. If changes are made during this time, relevant pages/files will need to be re-authorised after 22:00. [09/02/2010]

Image bank launched 
We have launched a new Image bank in the CMS, which provides access to a catalogue of over 3,100 (and growing) images for you to use in your web pages. We hope you find this useful and, as ever, welcome your feedback. [04/02/2010]

Problems with availability of the LSE website
The LSE website was intermittently unavailable late Friday afternoon, sometimes resulting in an error message rather than the standard notice of unavailability message. With the help of our providers of the LSE website (IOMART and Genetics), we have resolved the underling problems and continue to monitor the situation. [04/02/2010]


New LSE website to launch on 27 November
The new website introduces a number of changes including a new look, architecture, and intranet. Due to server upgrades, the launch date has been rescheduled from 30 October to 27 November. [15/10/2009]

Problems with servers underpinning cms.lse.ac.uk and www2.lse.ac.uk
Over recent weeks we have been encountering performance problems with the servers used to host both cms.lse.ac.uk (CMS) and www2.lse.ac.uk (LIVE). In short, both cms.lse.ac.uk and www2.lse.ac.uk require greater capacity than their servers could deliver. This became apparent as we significantly increased the use of both over the last two months. As a result, both servers have to be upgraded. We are currently working with our suppliers - IT Services, Genetics (CMS) and IOMART (web hosting) - to complete this work and rectify any issues arising. We are expecting resolution by Friday 25 September, and will update you next week. It is worth noting that in the event of any outage of www.lse.ac.uk, www2.lse.ac.uk, or search.lse.ac.uk, our continuous web presence (CWP) - which displays a service unavailable message - is invoked until the relevant service is restored. Thanks for bearing with us. [23/09/2009]

New LSE website to launch on 30 October
LSE's new website will be launched on 30 October. The new website introduces a number of changes including a new look, architecture, and intranet. See New LSE website for more. [04/09/2009]

Search to be taken offline for maintenance on 16 September
The LSE website's search facility will be taken offline from 17:55 on 16 September to 09:00 (BST) on 17 September. The purpose of this work is to refresh the search facilities index and improve its performance. [16/09/2009]

Server upgrade
One of the servers used to provide the LSE website will be upgraded between 14:00 and 15:00 BST on Thursday 27 August 2009. This is expected to cause and
brief outage. [27/08/2009]

Academic websites included in relaunch of LSE website
All websites currently in the CMS, including those for academic departments and research centres, will move to the LSE website's new design. Stephen (head of Web Services) is contacting managing editors and departmental/centre managers directly to discuss. If you have not been contacted and want to know more, call Stephen on ext 6939 or email stephen.emmott@lse.ac.uk. See Projects for more. [12/08/2009]