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Video and audio

The Film and Audio team in Communication Division provide video and audio production services as well as managing online distribution of the school video and audio content.

To discuss commissioning new films or podcasts or to submit content for online distribution please email comms.filmandaudio@lse.ac.uk.

Film making services

Our small team of film makers work closely with departments and individuals to create films and podcasts which promote the work that is done across the School. These can range from marketing films, to short documentaries and promotional films, for research dissemination and the School’s wider strategic objectives. We can also provide advice on commissioning films from external providers. For further details please email comms.filmandaudio@lse.ac.uk

Publishing your video and audio

Video and audio files cannot be uploaded directly to the CMS. To publish video or audio in the CMS or an LSE blog page please send the media file to the Film and Audio team on comms.filmandaudio@lse.ac.uk using a file sharing service such as dropbox or similar.

When submitting content for upload, if it is an event recording or you are requesting upload to YouTube, please supply details e.g, title, date, short description, names of contributors and any related links. Upon receipt the Film and Audio team will send you a media URL and instructions for publishing in the CMS.

YouTube and SoundCloud
When submitting content video or audio content for upload you may request upload to LSE's YouTube or Soundcloud channel. Please note that the following rules apply -

  • The content should be produced to a professional standard - as a general rule we do not upload self-produced content, as such we would expect it to be produced by a professional film maker or audio producer.

  • Video content must adhere to the LSE video branding guide.

  • Your content should be editorially coherent i.e., it should be obvious what is being communicated and why, and what the purpose of of the video or podcast is.
  • YouTube and SoundCloud are not used for teaching or internal communications so the content must be externally facing.

Video and audio file formats
Your video and audio files can be sent in any format - they will be converted by the Film and Audio team to the correct format for the web prior to upload - but to ensure the best quality you should send a high quality HD version. For video we recommend 1080p at a minimum of 10Mbps for short films and 6Mbps for long-form content such as lectures and seminars. For audio we recommend wav or aiff, mp3 is also acceptable but we recommend a minimum bitrate of 64kbps.

Consent and copyright
Please ensure you have written permission from contributors before you submit content for upload using the consent forms for events and short films. Copy and paste the text into an email, consent by return email is acceptable. If the content wasn’t commissioned or produced by the school it is assumed that you have permission in writing from the rights holder to publish the content online. Please keep a record of consent from contributors and the rights holder (if required) on file for future reference in a location that is known and accessible to your departmental colleagues.

Public lectures and events

The Events Office and Film and Audio team work in partnership with IMT AV Services to deliver podcasts and videos of the LSE public events programme.

If you're organising an event and you would like to make a podcast or video available after the event please please see - arranging event podcasts and videos.