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Arranging event podcasts and videos

The Conference and Events Office| and the Rich Media Team| work in partnership to deliver podcasts and videos| of LSE public lectures and events.

If you're organising an event and you would like to make it available as a podcast or video please read the following instructions. There are two sets of instructions, one for events that form part of the LSE public lecture programme| (PLP events|), and another for events which have been organised independently of the LSE events office and are not part of the public lecture programme (non-PLP events|).

 Public lecture programme (PLP) events

Contact the conference and events office| well in advance of your event. They will book the recording, organise recording / filming permission, and add your event to the weekly list of podcast and video requests sent to the Digital Communications Team.

The Rich Media Team| will produce your podcast and publish it on the public lectures podcast and video| channel, Webfeeds|, iTunes U|, SoundCloud| and MixCloud|. Videos are also published on the LSE YouTube| channel. Podcasts are usually published one to two working days after the event (usually the next working day), videos one to five working days after the event.

You will be notified by the events office when the podcast or video is published.

 Non public lecture programme (non-PLP) events

The podcast and video production and publishing service for non-PLP events is provided at the discretion of the Rich Media Team|. The service is provided only for events in the following five venues.

  • Old Theatre
  • Sheikh Zayed Theatre
  • Hong Kong Theatre
  • New Theatre
  • Wolfson Theatre

If your event is not in one of the five venues listed above you may still be able to book an audio or video recording. However if you want the recording published you will need to supply the audio/video file edited and ready to go live to the Rich Media Team. They will upload the file to the media server and provide you with a download link which you can publish on your departmental web page or blog. It would not be published on the main LSE podcast page or YouTube channel.

It is not possible to provide podcasts for day long events e.g. conferences. If the audio/video files can be provided pre-edited and ready to live the Rich Media Team will upload them to the media server and provide links which you can use publish on your departmental web page or blog. 

The Rich Media Team reserve the right not to publish podcasts on the main LSE podcast pages if the audio recording is not of the requisite quality. In such cases a link will usually be provided in order that you can publish the podcast on your departmental web page or blog.

Audio is recorded using the lecture capture system, it is free of charge and must be booked in advance via AV Services|

Video is supplied by DIDA Media|, this is a chargeable service and must be booked in advance, please see below for their current rates.

How to book non-PLP audio podcasts

  1. Request a recording from  AV Services by completing the lecture capture request form well in advance of your event. If you have any queries please email imt.AV.Support@lse.ac.uk. The recording is automated and as such it will begin and end exactly the time you specify, please add 30 minuteson the end of the scheduled lecture time to ensure that your lecture is recorded in it's entirety.
  2. Obtain permission in writing from your speaker(s) to record the event and publish the podcast/video on the internet. Please use the LSE speaker release form and copy the text into an email.  A confirmation by return email is sufficient.
  3. Email details of your event to the Rich Media Team team well in advance of your event on web.richmedia@lse.ac.uk Please supply a link to a web page about the event and include the event title, date, time, venue, name of speaker(s) and a description of the event. This information is required in order to create the web listing for the podcast. You will need to include a copy of the speaker  permission email/form from all the speakers at your event.
  4. Please read - advice for recording public events and pay particular attention to the advice on ensuring good audio quality and handling audience participation.
  5. The Rich Media Team produce the podcast and publish it on the public lecture podcasts channel, Webfeeds, iTunes U, SoundCloud and MixCloud. Podcasts are usually published the next working day following the event but may in some cases take longer.
  6. You will be notified by the Rich Media Team team when the podcast / video is published on the public lectures podcast and video channel.

How to book non-PLP videos 

  1. Obtain permission in writing from your speaker(s) - see point 2 above.

  2. Contact Frank Huang at Dida Media to arrange filming of your event on frank@didamedia.com and cc web.richmedia@lse.ac.uk to make the Digital Communications Team aware of your request. 

    Dida Media filming and editing is charged at the rate of £120 for a 60 minute lecture, or £180 for a 90 minute lecture, including VAT. Filming and editing with slides is charged at the rate of £210 for a 60 minute lecture, or £315 for a 90 minute lecture, including VAT. Dida Media will send an invoice to you on completion of the job.
  3. Dida Media will film the event and provide a copy of the video file to the Digital Communications team who will publish it on the public lectures podcast and video channel, Webfeeds, iTunes U and LSE YouTube channel. Videos are usually published the same day they are received from Dida Media which is typically one to three working days after the event.

    If you arrange a video recording please ensure that you also request an audio podcast recording (see point 1 - 6 above 'How to book non-PLP audio podcasts') in order that the Digital Communications team can make the event available in both media formats and they have a backup audio track. 

Podcast and video usage statistics

If you require podcast / video usage statistics please contact the Rich Media Team| on web.richmedia@lse.ac.uk|.

Linking and embedding public lecture podcasts and videos in the CMS

LSE web editors who would like to link to a podcast / video or embed a podcast / video in a CMS web page should refer to section 2.4 of the following page in the Web Service guidance in Moodle: publish your audio / video in the CMS|.

Login to Moodle with your LSE login and password, should you require the course enrolment key please email webeditors.enquiries@lse.ac.uk|