Section 3. Class teaching

This section gives detailed guidance on the various aspects of running classes at LSE. Wherever possible, it indicates the main distinctions in teaching between on the one hand running 'discursive classes' in the more qualitative subjects and on the other running 'problem classes' in quantitative subjects. For more subject specialist guidance, contact your teaching department. See also Section 9| where further reading and resources are listed.

3.1 The different types of class teaching at LSE|

3.2 Planning classes|

Thinking through the main learning aims of the class - Including teaching and learning activities in the class - Structuring class activities

3.3 Running classes: generic considerations|

Class registers - Managing expectations - Listening effectively - Questioning skills - Giving a clear explanation - Teaching considerations when a GTA's first language is not English - Ending a class, with prompt to future study

3.4 Running classes: specific suggestions|

Suggestions for running problem set classes - Suggestions for running class discussions - Making the most of student presentations - Helping students develop academic writing skills - Helping students to prepare for their examinations

3.5 More specific considerations|

Considering student diversity in your teaching - Equality Act 2010 - Teaching disabled students - General Course students

3.6 Getting feedback on your teaching|

Reviewing your students' progress - Reviewing your teaching