2.6 Managing your time and workload

As at July 2013 the standard contractual hours for a GTA appointment is built up as shown below. They may vary slightly across departments - for example marking regimes are highly variable between courses - so local arrangements may apply.

Preparing for classes can be very time-consuming, particularly in your first year. Do expect to spend an hour or two at least in preparing for each class (as allocated for in your contract).  However, don't feel you need to read everything on the reading list or attend every lecture (unless this is required). Remember that you are not expected to learn the subject for the students but to facilitate their learning. You may find that office hours are not that heavily used, and can be a useful time for you to do class preparation and marking.

Students may expect additional help outside class time and office hours allocated to the course. It is up to you to decide how flexible to be on this, but don't feel under pressure to see students beyond the allocated office hours (unless there are particularly pressing reasons). Decide from the start what your 'email availability' will be and be sure to discuss this with your students in your first session. Are you happy for students to email you with queries? How quickly might they be able to expect response to emails? Can you post a reply to a discussion area in Moodle if the query is of general relevance? Is email an alternative to office hours or additional? Be warned that email from students can mount up significantly, and watch out for students who use it as a way of getting you to do their work for them. Where relevant, direct them back to course and programme handbooks to find information for themselves, rather than acting as their 'memory' for deadlines, people to contact, etc. And also give some thought to how your email contact with students can build up expectations they then put on other GTAs!

As mentioned before, a document outlining terms and conditions of employment for GTAs and guest teachers can be found on the HR website at http://www.lse.ac.uk/intranet/staff/humanresources/joiningLSE/newArrivals/termsAndConditionsOfEmployment/guestTeachersAndGTATandCs.aspx|


Contact hours

Actual teaching contract time in hours

(ie weeks x groups x length of seminar)


2 hours per different course taught

(ie weeks x courses x 2)

Lecture attendance and meetings

Actual hours

(ie weeks x courses)

Office hours

1 office hour per 3 groups

(ie weeks x groups/3)

Formative marking (qualitative subjects)

4 items per student per course; 3 items marked per hour

(ie 4 x groups x 15/3)

Reports and registers

0.5 hours per student per full unit per year

(ie groups x 15 x 0.5)



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