2.3 Preparation before a class

The rooms available for class teaching at the School are very variable in terms of size, shape and the layout of the furniture. As part of your preparation try to visit the room(s) that you have been allocated for your teaching. Check the audio-visual equipment that is provided as standard in that room and order any additional equipment that you may need from the AV support team. See Section 8.2| for more information about teaching rooms.

If you wish to provide your students with handout materials or other consumables, contact your departmental manager or designated course administrator who will be able to help you with the stationery and materials you will need. These should be freely available to you, although there may be some restrictions for very large courses. These restrictions are usually in place as a means of ensuring reasonable equity between students attending different classes, and avoiding students getting very different messages about course content and approach from several different teachers. Also be aware that there may be copyright issues if you are photocopying or scanning published material or content that is not copyright of LSE. You are advised to contact your departmental manager for further advice about this.

Before you start teaching, also check out other sources of support available to you and your students. Sections 8|9| and 10| may provide useful starting points.

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