1.4 Teaching opportunities at LSE

All new GTAs are now required to attend the Being a GTA at LSE training workshops when they begin teaching at the School and are paid for their time. The training is provided by the Teaching and Learning Centre and runs several times during the year. Attendance at Being a GTA is arranged through departmental managers following recruitment to work as a GTA. If you have any queries about attendance, please contact your departmental manager.

The workshops run as follows:

Session 1: An introduction to teaching and learning at the School. Topics considered include how students learn, class teaching, presenting and explaining, preparation and understanding student diversity.

Session 2: Videoed practice teaching session. This gives you a brief practical experience of running part of a class, with feedback and discussion lead by a facilitator, and involving other GTAs.

Session 3: Assessing students' work. This workshop focuses on how to use assessment criteria to mark coursework fairly and on giving constructive and helpful feedback to students 

Session 4: A review of teaching practice. This is a two-hour session at the end of Michaelmas term to review how teaching has gone, compare experiences, ask questions and collectively solve any problems that have arisen.

In addition, all GTAs are expected to attend the Dean's Induction, which deals with the detail of School administrative matters. Sessions are, wherever possible, divided into workshops that focus on the specific needs of quantitative teaching or qualitative teaching.

A one-day intensive workshop is also offered in January for GTAs who teach only in the Lent Term or who, for various reasons, were unable to make earlier sessions.


I found the training for new class teachers very useful indeed. In particular, I thought it was very good for me to do the video-recorded practice teaching, even if I hated the idea prior to the session.

Industrial Relations GTA


GTAs who are already experienced teachers but new to LSE can arrange an 'advanced' programme with the Teaching and Learning Centre, which ensures they are properly briefed about the School, but may opt not to cover ground they are already familiar with from previous training and experience.

A variety of further, optional opportunities for training and support is provided at the School. The Teaching and Learning Centre runs an extensive 'open' programme of staff development workshops and events each term and you are very welcome to attend any you find interesting and relevant. You can view and book training at lse.ac.uk/training.

The Centre for Learning Technology (CLT) offers support, advice and training on how to use Moodle and classroom technologies to all staff (see Section 10| for contact details).

For those GTAs who wish to gain a more formal award for their teaching, there is the LSE Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCertHE)|. This Higher Education Academy| accredited course involves the production of a teaching portfolio that includes work on three modules for the associate level qualification and, for the full level qualification, completion of a further three modules. See Appendix 2| for further details.



Opportunities arise twice annually for applying to become a GTA or an LSE Fellow with LSE100. Vacancies are advertised on the LSE100 website|.