Welcome from Dr Liz Barnett, Director of the Teaching and Learning Centre|



Section 1 Being a GTA at LSE|

1.1 Becoming a GTA at LSE|

1.2 The roles and responsibilities of a class teacher|

1.3 The differences between undergraduate and postgraduate teaching|

1.4 Teaching opportunities at LSE|

Section 2 Preparing to teach a class|

2.1 The teaching context at LSE|

2.2 Gathering information about the courses you are teaching on|

2.3 Preparation before a class|

2.4 Preparing for your first class|

2.5 Getting to know your students|

2.6 Managing your time and workload|

Section 3 Class teaching|

3.1 The different types of class teaching at LSE|

3.2 Planning classes|

3.3 Running classes: generic considerations|

3.4 Running classes: specific suggestions|

3.5 More specific considerations|

3.6 Getting feedback on your teaching|

Section 4 Marking work and giving feedback|

4.1 The student assessment context at LSE|

4.2 Marking students' course work|

4.3 Giving Feedback|

4.4 Writing class reports|

4.5 Dyslexia, neurodiversity and written work|

Section 5 Office hours and student contact out of class time|

5.1 Managing your office hours|

5.2 Helping students to study effectively|

5.3 Responding to students' requests for advice on personal matters|

5.4 Responding to students' requests for private tutoring|

Section 6 Lecturing at LSE|

6.1 Handling nerves|

6.2 Preparing a lecture or talk|

6.3 Delivering a lecture|

Section 7 Monitoring teachers' performance and ensuring quality|

7.1 How teaching quality is assured at LSE|

7.2 Student surveys|

Section 8 Facilities and resources|

8.1 Technologies for teaching|

8.2 Teaching room equipment|

8.3 Health and safety considerations|

Section 9 Further reading and resources|

9.1 Class teaching|

9.2 Study advice for students|

9.3 Assessment and feedback|

Section 10 Contacts|

Section 11 Glossary|


Appendix 1 A short guide to teaching observation|

Appendix 2 Teaching development for research students|

Appendix 3 Example of a feedback sheet for student presentations|

Appendix 4 Example of a feedback sheet for student essays|

Appendix 5 Example of a feedback sheet for students' quantitative work|

Appendix 6 Example of comparative grading scales (PDF)|

Appendix 7 Example of departmental assessment criteria|

Appendix 8 School-wide aggregate for TQARO's GTA survey, 2011/12 (not available on the web edition of this handbook)

Appendix 9 Example of an Individual Student Support Agreement (ISSA)| (PDF)