Special thanks to Dr Kate Exley (BSc; PhD in Genetics University of Liverpool), Consultant in Educational Development, who was the primary author, compiler and editor of the first edition of this handbook. Kate has undertaken staff development projects in more than forty UK universities, and for many years ran the in-house training for GTAs at LSE.

Thanks also to the many GTAs who have contributed ideas and experiences to the handbook over the years.

Colleagues in the Teaching and Learning Centre, notably Dr Jane Pritchard and Dr Claudine Provencher, have also contributed a great to the handbook since its original publication, incorporating ideas for good practice in teaching and reflecting content from and requirements of the PGCertHE course.

And finally, thanks to the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University, for the idea of producing a handbook for teachers. When we started on this project we were in part inspired by the work of Stanford, which we recommend to colleagues as another useful resource: Teaching at Stanford|.

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