6.2 Working with administrative support

There is considerable variation in the extent and form of administrative support for departmental tutors (DTs) in departments. Some have explicit access to designated assistants and/or administrators for a proportion of their working time (eg, two days a week) while others turn to support staff on an ad-hoc basis. Some responsibilities overseen by the DT may be undertaken by the departmental manager.

There are many aspects of the role that involve administrative work. For example:

  • running an appointment system for the departmental tutor;
  • checking details on 'Change class' application forms;
  • organising and administering the system through which students are elected to the Staff-Student Liaison Committee, 
  • implementing the system that allocates students to academic advisers;
  • organising the orientation programme (eg, producing the letters of invitation, booking venues, coordinating speakers).

The scale of some of these jobs clearly varies enormously from one department to another. Departmental tutors will need to consider the particular needs of their role to see what function(s) they would feel comfortable delegating.