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6.1 Working with class teachers, graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) and guest teachers

Overall responsibility for the quality of teaching within departments rests with the head of department. Academic advisers will not normally have any specific role vis-à-vis class teachers, other than on courses for which they are the 'teacher responsible'. In this case, class teachers should be fully supported and receive appropriate training. All GTAs have to undertake the GTA induction early in Michaelmas Term. The Teaching and Learning Centre can advise on this and other development opportunities. Most departmental tutors (DTs) also do not have specific duties related to class teachers. However, in some departments the DT role is extended to supporting class teachers. In such cases, DTs may be required to:

  • oversee or coordinate the departmental induction and training of class teachers,
  • handle complaints from students concerning class teachers, and
  • provide ongoing support for class teachers.

Another model in some departments is that there is another member of academic or administrative staff who has a mentoring/advisory/oversight role vis-à-vis class teachers.

Complaints about class teachers often come to the DT, in the first instance, as a request to change classes. It is advisable to keep a record of class changes, and of any complaints made against any class teachers. Furthermore, if the same name is raised by more than one student, further investigation is needed. If DTs have any concerns about class teachers, they are welcome to contact the Teaching and Learning Centre for advice and support (see lse.ac.uk/TLC|). The Language Centre also provides assistance, for teachers whose first language is not English.