5.4 Students facing difficult situations

Academic advisers (AAs) often provide the first line of support for students facing difficult situations. The following sections provide guidance on some of the more common matters and information on where to turn for professional support/advice.

If the AA is unsure of the appropriate course of action, or in instances where normal rules and regulations do not seem to apply, the departmental tutor (DT) should be brought in. Because the very nature of such problems are complex, DTs should be consulted. However, it is important not to set unworkable precedents and not to promise more than can be delivered as this can place the School in a difficult position both administratively and legally. If in any doubt, please contact the Student Services Centre Advice and Reception Manager and/or the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Please also see Cause for concern:  guidance to working with students in difficulty published by the  Teaching and Learning Centre and available at lse.ac.uk/tlc/resources| or in hard copy by request to tlc@lse.ac.uk|