5.5 Preferential allocation of places in Halls of Residence

Some students may wish to request priority when places in the School’s Halls of Residence are being offered. Academic advisers and departmental tutors may be asked to write letters in support of a student’s case. Priority requests can be made by students in support of their accommodation application: see LSE's Medical requirements and other exceptional circumstances page.

The Disability and Wellbeing Service and Residential Services work in partnership to ensure that students prioritised on medical or disability grounds receive the best possible advice and support to enter in to their studies. Applicants are asked to complete further paperwork and supply documentary evidence of their condition in order to support their decisions about accommodation.

Places in LSE Halls are not prioritised on religious or cultural grounds.

Should departmental tutors or academic advisers become aware of a student who, during term time, becomes in acute need of short-term, temporary or emergency housing, then contact the Accommodation Office immediately.