Changing options or courses

Students can change their course choices online at any time (and as often as they want) during the first four weeks of term. The AA is responsible for approving any changes online after discussing them with the student. However, after Week 4 the online system is switched off.

If a student wishes to make changes after the first four weeks of term they must complete a Request to Change Course form from the Student Services Centre. Requests to change courses after week 4 are only approved in very exceptional circumstances. The form requires permission from the DT, course convener and possibly the Undergraduate Studies Sub-Committee. By this time, the student may have missed a considerable part of the course and a judgement has to be made as to whether or not changing would actually be in their best interest. In this situation, the student needs to make a written case for the change. The DT needs to then approve that change. The DT may wish to meet with the student and also seek guidance from the convenor of the course that the student wishes to change to. The student should be advised that any change that they make to their studies may not be used as mitigation unless the change was for circumstances outside of their control, such as a course being dropped or a timetable clash that could not be resolved in time.

As long as it is permitted within the programme regulations and they have not exhausted attempts at that particular paper a student can request to change failed courses. If a student has failed more than one unit they will need permission from the Student Progress Panel for repeat teaching in the substitute courses (see Section 3.13|). Where a student has automatically progressed to their next year of study with one failed course they can replace this with an alternative course. In order to do this they must be entered for teaching in the substitute course. Approval to be re-entered for teaching in one course can be provided by the DT sending an email to the Registry (|). However, changing courses does not provide students with new attempts at the paper. For example, if a student has failed a second year course which is considered to be paper 8 under the programme regulations and then changes this for a new paper 8 course it remains a second attempt at this paper.