4.2 Course choice

A key task that requires liaison between the student and academic adviser (and possibly departmental tutor) is student course choice. It is vital that advisers are available at the start of the academic year to provide course choice guidance to students at an early stage. In order to offer useful guidance it is important that academic advisers have a good understanding of the content of likely course choice options. Students need to have access to this support and insight in order to make informed course choices. Ensuring that students have access to this support can make a significant contribution to assisting them to have an enjoyable and successful year.

The process, including formal approval, is now carried out online, via LSE for You. The following is the advised path to follow for the academic adviser and student during the first four weeks of term:

  • Academic adviser (AA) discusses course choice with student and notes their choices.
  • AA advises student to enter his or her choice into LSE for You as soon as possible.
  • AA checks student's entry on LSE for You and "approves" the course choice online. This is straightforward if student has selected a department-recommended course.
  • If student chooses an unlisted course, then the AA should add comments to LSE for You justifying the approval of a non-standard choice. AAs can indicate if their approval is final, or if it needs to be forwarded to the departmental tutor (DT). The recommendation is to always forward approval for an unlisted course to the DT.
  • AAs should not approve any course choices that have not been discussed with student; email can be sent to ask for explanation.
  • Student can make further changes to their choice at any time in the first four weeks, and, at each point, the AA will receive an email prompt to approve or not.
  • If student has a clash with lectures and/or classes, their timetable will not appear on LSE For You. They are instructed to either make amendments to their course selection, or to complete a Request for Approval of a Timetable Clash form (available from the departmental tutor). This form requires approval signatures from the DT and the Chair of the Undergraduate Studies Sub-Committee (USSC). Normally a clash will only be permitted if it lasts for no more than one or two weeks. Class attendance is compulsory and it is essential that students attend lectures. It is not possible for students to be given approval for a timetable clash solely on the basis that lectures are available as recordings.

Students can change course choice at any time (and as often as they want) during the first four weeks of term. The AA is responsible for approving any changes after discussion with the student. After Week 4, the procedure is more complex (see Section 4.3|).