4.1 Summary of responsibilities: academic choices and changes

NB Forms that students must complete to make changes to their studies can be found at SSC forms: Student Services Centre forms|

Activity Academic adviser Departmental tutor Others involved

Initial course choice: Students now complete the administrative aspects of course choice online via LSE for You. Departments have different approaches to advising students on course choice.

See Course registration|.

Key contact: Registry (registry@lse.ac.uk|)  

AA should be available for tutorial meetings with new students to discuss and advise on course choice in the first week of term. 

AA authorises all 'standard' course choices, via LSE for You.

DT must authorise course choices when students go outside their programme regulations.

Registry Team (registry@lse.ac.uk) |and Undergraduate Studies Subcommittee (USSC) if suspension of regulations is required.

Changing class allocation within a course: Procedure for a student changing a class but remaining on the same course. See Course changes|.


DT of department responsible for teaching the class authorises a change of class by signing appropriate form. (DT can specify who will be allowed to enrol if the class is not already full.)

Student Services Centre (registry@lse.ac.uk|) makes the allocation to a different class.

LSE100: Please note that class change requests for LSE100 are managed by the LSE100 Course office (LSE100@lse.ac.uk|) and not by the SSC.

Changing courses within the same degree programme: Procedure for a student changing one or more courses, but remaining on the same programme. See Course changes|.

Key contact: Registry (registry@lse.ac.uk|)

AA can authorise change of course in first four weeks of term, provided the course is within the normal programme regulations.

The online system is closed after Week 4. After this, students are required to complete a Late Change of Course form, and approval is required from AA, course convener of new course and USSC.

DT required to authorise any change to courses that are outside programme regulations.

Advice can be sought from the Dean.

See 'Academic adviser' column for others involved in approval of course change after Week 4.

Changing degree programme: Procedure for student wishing to change to a different degree programme, which in many cases will also involve change of department. See Course changes|.

Key contact: Registry (registry@lse.ac.uk|


DT in 'home' department to agree and DT in the 'receiving' department to make final authorisation.

Undergraduate Studies Subcommittee to approve.

Some programme change cases can be complex (eg, change late in the year, or where pre-requisites of new department not met). Discussion with the Dean and SSC is then advised.